Just friends
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When you love your friend.

Just friends

I know we're just friends. Friends who only laugh with each other, talk to each other or go to a party together.

I know we're just friends. I really do. But my heart doesn't want to know about it. Instead it wants you to hold me, kiss me, caress me.

I know we're just friends. I really do. But at night when I can't sleep I think about you. In a way friends shouldn't think about each other.

It's your hands I think about. Your big, manly hands I want to feel on my skin.

It's your arms I think about. Your strong arms, wrapped around my body when I need your touch.

It's your eyes I think about. Your blue, shining eyes I could sink into everytime I see you.

It's your smile I think about. Your wide, radiant smile when you hear or do something you like.

I know we're just friends. But "just friends" is far from enough.

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