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What it feels like to have anxiety.

Fun killer

by foreverwriting

"Come on, we wanna go dancing. Don't be a fun killer!", they say. And I smile and nod and say: "Sure, it's gonna be fun!" But deep down I know it was a lie.

So I put on my favorite dress, Like an amor to protect my soul, And I put my makeup on, Like warpaint

I need a drink, or two, To give myself liquid courage, And a transparent protective bunker, Something I can hide behind

The music is loud and hammering, The crowd sweaty and beastly drunk, And I am right in the middle of it, Air, I need air!

People are touching me unintentionally, But it feels like I'm being choked. I feel cramped, I need room to breathe

Help! I'm drowning, Right in the middle of the dance floor, I need a lifeboat and I know where to find it.

It's my own four walls, The bed with the dozens and dozens of pillows, The silence, I need to get there

So I flee, Let the music and people behind, To crawl in my bed, Protected and save.

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