Out There part 6
Out There part 6 stories

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Out There part 6

by foreverqueen164

The dark out there was a navy quilt sewn with pearl buttons. There was part of a moon wedged in the sky that gave off a dull glow.

The dogs started around then, yelping and whining and getting closer and closer. I brought my knees up to my chest and concentrated on my shoes because I could see them, they were a fact,

they were indisputable, I remembered putting them on in the morning, I remembered retying the laces after school,

how they were black in their creases from when I jumped into the lake wearing them months before.

A furry thing knocked against my back, knocked again, it was terrible in its boniness, it rubbed against me like a cat, a tongue swiped my arm, paws clawed at my legs,

they were crying like they were trying to hold it in but couldn’t. They smelled like mothballs and corn chips and old blood.

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