Out There part 5
Out There part 5 stories
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Out There part 5

by foreverqueen164

Then I learned a third thing about out there. I was watching Lily run, her arms up to shield her, looking like a shimmering exaltation not a hundred feet in front of me.

I looked down at something itching my calf and when I looked up Lily was gone. Wasn’t even a dust-cloud in her wake. That’s the third thing.

The desert is a warp master. Lily warped or I warped but either way the desert opened up its coat-flap to take something in and when the coat-flap closed again I was alone.

I knew it wasn’t any use but you have to go through the motions when something shocking happens. I called Lily’s name. I spun around in place.

I followed her footsteps but they petered out and I wondered if I was back where I started.

I screamed for her till the sun came down, then I sat in the sand and watched the unlikely colors in the sky,

the purple and the silver and the green and the white white line of the horizon which was the last to go.

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