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Fairy tale

by foreverqueen164

There's nothing happy about what I'm about to say, So here's your chance to walk away .

Go read something that ends happily, Because this fairy tale focuses on reality .

Blonde hair, Blue eyes,

A girl Used

By a thousand unnamed guys . A boy pushed down but got back up,

Decided he'd keep this toy for good luck . He said he wanted her,

And she got her hopes up . Before you know,

She fucks everything up . Moving Too Fast,

He likes it s l o w, Didn't she know?

He broke free from her grasp, Promised things that would never last .

He left glass shattered in his wake, He ran from the shrieks ripping from her lips .

She didn't want to hear that it was all just fake, She wanted someone to

Save Her but they always just take .

A gun A bullet A trigger And a thought,

Nothing in her body fought . A tear A moment of hesitation A bang,

And no one even bothers with a grave .

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