A star is born
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A star is born

by foreverqueen164

Little girl with wide blue eyes Dreams as boundless as the skies Surrounded by dust and dead ends Waltzing in a land of make pretend

Freckled, fervent and coy Twirling past the neighbor boys When she moves, she slips away Lost in a smile and a happy place

Left to wander the desert dry Alone and forgotten no matter what she tries Looking for affection in an empty well Fading echoes of forgotten church bells

With her reveries she swiftly dropped A leap of faith and the whole world stopped Warm blood and dampened grass, A mangled foot and a binding cast

In dark days she prayed for help Wanting to step and perform Not ready to give up her last chance To take the stage by way of dance

Ten years later, she's swaying and twice as stunning as before Sculpted cheekbones and brooding eyes Grabbing audiences by surprise

She's reborn a star of the movies, With a new name and tiny waist Pretty young flapper with a striking face The little girl has finally found her place

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