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foreverpotato6 love creepypasta and horror <3
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Before you say anything, 'NO I DONT HATE CREEPYPASTA!
it's just the title of the book,
So basically the ready who is obsessed with Creepypasta, thanks to her friend who got her into it, gets so far into the creepypasta world she doesn't know what to do when she finds out their very much real. will they kill her or will they keep her for god knows what? read and find out! ;)

I HATE Creepypasta


"UGH! I seriously don't know why you brought us out here Tim! When you and your brother asked me and my friend out for a date we thought like, going to the mall, going shoe shopping......

NOT going camping in the middle of the gross woods! Like, there's icky bugs, and wild animals and.....and....-" "Madison, for the last..

The killers were killed!" the blonde explained as she stared at the fire boredly.

Madison, the redhead looked back down at the fire, she was always timmid and acted like her friend Claire Mcgraw, she was secretly jealous of her...

head cheerleader at their highschool, school president and slept with the school's football team yet still managed to keep her virginity.

Masky smirked as he looked at the fire and glancing over at his friend Hoody, he had to admit for someone like hoody who never took off his mask he sure knew how to keep his cool.

Hoody, who was also known as Brian roasted a marshmallow and blew on the burnt glob on a stick he had found once they arrived.

"How do you know they got killed? yeah the police claimed the proxie killers were claimed dead but also claimed to be missing from the spot where they were shot as well.

" he smirked as he watched the girls look at each other in fear.

Tim tried his best to not laugh as he pulled a beer out of the cooler and tossed one to Brian, "Dont worry ladies, we will make sure no big bad killers come and kill you,

besides your much to beautiful to kill" Brian smirked more as he took a long swig of his beer and kept his eyes on the background of the woods,

as if he was expecting someone to show up soon then looked at his watch, 'It's almost time' he thought to himself as he saw it was almost twelve midnight.

Claire rolled her eyes, "Look this is cute and all but we wanna go home...this isnt our thing and with thoese freak killers running around we dont wanna risk anything.

" Tim glared up from his beer when she called them freaks, "There is a third killer you know.....the worst in the group.....guy is a real screw ball...

but im sure you ladies dont wanna hear about it, maybe we should take you back home" Tim saw the curiosity in Madison's eyes as she looked up at him.

"Wait....please tell us....im sure another story wont hurt....right Claire?" Claire glared at her as she huffed and folded her arms over her chest, "Worst. date.

ever!" Tim rolled his eyes as he tossed the empty beer bottle and grabbed another, "He goes by many names....Ticci, twitchy, twitch, Ticci Toby, but most known him as....Toby Rogers.

" "The girls snapped the heads quickly in Tim's direction in horror.

"T-The Toby Rogers from Linchpin high school?!" shirked Madison as she clung to Madison's arm in fear.

Brian knew where Tim was going with this and nodded, "The same one, see the rumor has it Toby grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood,

making it difficult for him to fit in with "normal people".

He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his and was ultimately deemed unsuited for a public school surrounding, so he switched to homeschooling.

While he received plenty of support from his mother and older sister Lyra, his father was nothing but a negative influence on his son.

Having lost himself to alcohol, drugs and gambling, Toby's father became increasingly abusive towards his family, especially Toby."

Brian finished his beer and tossed it over his shoulder as he leaned clsoer to the fire, "When Toby was seventeen,

he and his sister were involved in a tragic car accident that resulted in Lyra's death.

Toby's symptoms worsened greatly because of this; he lost his appetite for food, became even less social than before, and slowly began to lose his memories.

On the night he returned from the hospital, Toby saw the Slender Man watching him from the street.

Slender Man repeatedly stalked Toby wherever he went throughout the following weeks, causing Toby to have several visual and auditory hallucinations.

Concerned for her own son's safety, Toby's mother brings him to a psychiatrist to help him cope with his post-traumatic stress disorder."

"The next day Toby dreams of his sister's corpse followed by an attack by the Slender Man. As Toby walked down the stairs, he began hearing voices telling him to kill his father.

He eventually couldn't ignore the voices anymore and has a complete mental breakdown.

After a brief struggle with his father, Toby gained the upper hand violently stabbed his father in front of his mother.

In a desperate attempt to escape the police, he set the neighborhood on fire as a distraction, but was quickly surrounded by the flames.

Just as he was about give into his inevitable death, Slender Man teleports in front of him and saves him.

Two weeks later, Toby's mother listened to a news story about the murders of several teenagers. The main suspect is Toby due to one of his hatchet's being found at the crime scene.

This marked the moment Toby officially became a Proxy of Slender Man."

Tim finished as he stared at the burning flames, he looked over seeing the girls compleatly horrified, "We knew Toby.....but nobody knew the story of what happend to him......"

Tim heard rustling in the bushes a few feet away then looked at the girls "Rumors have it a cheer squad and some football team bullied him to no end till he couldn't take it anymore

and left....." "How convient that our dates happen to be cheerleaders and go to the same school as him." Brian went on as he stood up.

"Best hope ol' Toby dont find you here, who knows he mights just sneak up and.....GET CHA!" he pounced at them making them scream at the top of their lungs.

Madison stopped screaming as she saw the boys on the ground laughing and rolled her eyes, "That wasnt very funny Tim....i think its time you took us home now...."

Brian and Tim stood up as they rubbed the tear filled eyes from laughter, "Oh come on babe, i swear your valley girls take everything way too seriously"

Claire huffed as she stood up and glared at them, "when there are killers in these woods of course we are gonna take things seriously! like, hello?

! we are in Slender woods! the one place where people disapear and get murdered all the time!...

" her eyes soon widen as the color drained from her face, she looked over Tim and Brian's shoulder to see a figure a few feet behind them,

the glisen of metal shined in the moon light as the figure got closer to them.

Tim smirked knowing what or who she was seeing, "Glad you could join us, Tobi, we were just telling ghost stories around the fire, why dont you join us and tell one of your own."

Toby stepped out of the shadows making the girls turn pale in fear as they froze up, Tobi twitched his head a couple times making quick "tck" sounds. "Yeah I-I got o-on-one.....

its c-called r-run and g-go h-h-hide" he twitched as he smirked.

Claire bieing the dumb airheaded one looked up at the person, "Wh-what's th-that about?

" Tobi looked at Claire as if he couldn't belive she asked that and burst out in a fit of sadistic laughter,

soon stopping so quikly and walked towards them as he pulled out a hatchet from his belt, "It-t's ab-out tw-two sluts wh-who run fo-for their lives.....

an-d i-if th-they ge-et cau-ght th-they die!" out of nowhere he swung his hatchet, missing their necks by an inch, making the girls scream and run away.

Toby smirked as he pulled up his mouth gaurd and pulled down his goggles and made a mad dash after them, making sure he gave them a five minite head start.

He could clearly hear the girls screaming for help as he laughed to himself, he stopped in the middle of a clearing once he couldn't hear their screams any more,

it was far to quiet and took out his second hatchet and made sure to keep his footing quiet as he walked around.

"I kn-kno-w you-r he-here...." he said lowly as he continued to walk around, he began to hum 'Move along' by All american Rejects, since it was his favorite killing song.

as he kept humming he soon felt something bump into his head making him snap around quickly only to see nothing, he looked around more soon seeing a foot swaying above his head,

he looked up and saw the two girls hanging by two nooses he had set up earlier. he began to laugh as he took a hold of Claire's hands and began singing the song as he spun her lifeless body.

(Hope you liked the Prologue! and hope i get plenty of reads and comments on this! :D )

The notes

KANDI sighed as she looked at her new school's schedule, "English 2, mathematics, science, social studies, General Electives......oh joy...." she walked down the hall to her locker which was at the far end of the hall next to the girls restrooms. Kandi looked at her and shook her head, "Im good.....I'll stick with my glasses for now....I like your tatts though, their sick" Sapphire smirked, "You like em?, my mother told me i wasn't allowed to have any since they go against her religion but i did it anyway" they ended up both laughing as the teacher came in and started writing down their first assignments for the day, "Its so messed up.......so many kids have been going missing and the only cool kid shows up...." Sapphire muttered as she shook her head. Kandi looked over at her in wonder, "Kids have been going missing?" "Yeah, almost weekly, it started with Claire and Madison....the two cheerleaders, they went on some date with these older guys they met online, they never came back.....rumors have it some couple who were camping found their bodies hanging by nooses, their bodies decaying and rotting away." Kandi's eyes widen in fear as she looked at her in worry, "That awful!....does anyone know who did it?" Sapphire only shook her head, "the cops haven't found the guys who done it, but only proof they found was circles and 'X's' carved in the bodies and their kidneys carved out and smiles carved into their faces......like Jeff the killer" Kandi had manage to make it through her first day of school, she made a new friend, survived the cheer squad and got good grades all in one day, she opend her locker and watched as a envelope fell to her feet, she looked around to see if anyone nearby might have slipped it in her locker and picked it up, the envelope was blank and looked like it wasn't sealed. She held her books under her arm as she took out the note and read it carefully, ҽ×ϲմՏҽ ʍҽ, í ժօղԵ աɑղԵ վօմ Եօ ԵհíղƘ í'ʍ ɾíժíϲմӀօմՏ օɾ ɑղվԵհíղց, ҍմԵ վօմ ɑɾҽ Եհҽ ʍօՏԵ ҍҽɑմԵíƒմӀ ϲɾҽɑԵմɾҽ í հɑѵҽ ҽѵҽɾ Տҽҽղ. յմՏԵ ƒҽӀԵ ӀíƘҽ í հɑժ Եօ ԵҽӀӀ վօմ, ՏíղϲҽɾҽӀվ վօմɾՏ, վօմɾ ՏҽϲɾҽԵ ɑժʍíɾҽɾ The writing was hard to make out but you could read what it said and it made your curious, who would stick a love letter in her locker in the first place? the only kid of students in this school were jocks and preps, except her and Sapphire, but she didn't think Sapphire would do something like this. Once she got home she saw a note on the door, 'Kandi, went out of town for a few weeks, left some money for food and numbers to call in case of an emergency on the fridge' "Oh course..." she sighed as she unlocked the door and walked down to the basement where her room was and kicked off her converse and sat at her computer desk and opend her laptop and got on facebook to chat with Brenda. XxKandi-Kannibal: Well I had an interesting but good day of school....despite the creepy stalker letter i found in my locker after school. Brenda Hart: Woah, hold it! you found a stalker note in your locker?! wow someone must be really into you XxKandi-Kannibal: Idk' Brenda....It seems way to weird if you ask me....I mean look at me then look at the students.....all jocks and preps.....well except for this one girl......her name's Sapphire, she seems pretty cool, has a lot of tattoos and these bad ass contacts that remind me of BEN's eyes. Brenda Hart: oooo exotic, you dont think she did it, do you? Like, remember what your ex girlfriend did? she kept shoving dead roses in your locker and left like a million letters begging for you to take her back.....she was crazy XxKandi-Kannibal: Ugh! dont remind me.....I still get emails from her still.... idk Brenda.......maybe it will be fun to have a new stalker for a change ;) When Kandi laughed, she heard a small bang on her window above her bed, causing her to jump, she quickly looked over and there on the window folded in a uneven rectangle was another note. Kandi gulped in fear as she slowly made her way to her bed and stood on it to look out the window, nobody was in sight, she slowly opend the window and made a quick grab for the note before slamming her window shut and locking it, she jumped down and went back to her computer. XxKandi-Kannibal: OMG....Brenda........your not gonna believe what just happend..... Brenda Hart: What What??????? :O XxKandi-Kannibal: You know how i told you about me getting a strange note in my locker?......I just got another one but on my window....... Brenda Hart: OMG! Open it Open it!!!!! OMG im totes freaking out for you!! Kandi took a deep breath as she slowly unfolded the crumpled up rectangle, at this point she wished she never did. ɪ 尺ƐΛŁŁϤ ŁØƔƐ ϤØЦ尺 尺ØØ௱, ɪŤ'ら Λ Ɠ尺ƐΛŤ þŁΛㄈƐ ŤØ нɪÐƐ

she opend her locker and checked herself in her small mirror before grabbing her books and shutting the door only to see a small group of girls smirking at her.

"So you must be the new girl? well Im Roxy this is Raven and that is Debbie" The read head said as she pointed to the brunette girl at the end who was busy texting someone.

Kandi looked at the girls with a dull look, "Nice to meet you....I guess" Roxy, the redhead glared as she slammed Kandi's locker with force and got in her face,

"Don't you know it's rude to not introduce yourself? I'll give you slack this once since your the new girl and all, but just so you know..this is MY school, these are MY hallways and these losers that come here are MY subjects, you get in my way at all and i will make sure your experience here will be hell,"

she smiled as she shoved Kandi hard in her locker door and walked off laughing with her squad.

Kandi sighed as she stood up and straightened out her skirt and slowly walked to English class and found a empty seat at the far back in the corner by the window, she placed her books on the window ledge and placed her notebook and began to draw sketches of creepypastas she had looked up last night, thanks to her friend Brenda she had gotten hooked to it, she wasn't even aware someone beside her was watching in interest.

"You like Creepypasta too?" Kandi quickly looked up and looked beside her to see a girl around her age with a half hawk brushed to the side and creepy looking black and red eyes, that reminded her of BEN Drowned's, "Uh-uhm...y-yeah......i mean...i got a friend from my old town who got me into them...." the girl leaned over and smiled, "You defiantly got Jeff's features down perfectly, I'm Sapphire what's yours?"

she extended her black nailed hand as she smiled softly. "Kandi.....Kandi Lopez, like your eyes...." she said shyly as she pointed to her own eyes as a gesture, Sapphire laughed, "Thanks, their actually contacts....their such a pain in the ass to put in though, if you want i could give you a spare, i haven't worn them yet."

Kandi looked at her and shook her head, "Im good.....I'll stick with my glasses for now....I like your tatts though, their sick" Sapphire smirked, "You like em?, my mother told me i wasn't allowed to have any since they go against her religion but i did it anyway"

they ended up both laughing as the teacher came in and started writing down their first assignments for the day, "Its so messed up.......so many kids have been going missing and the only cool kid shows up...." Sapphire muttered as she shook her head.

Kandi looked over at her in wonder, "Kids have been going missing?" "Yeah, almost weekly, it started with Claire and Madison....the two cheerleaders, they went on some date with these older guys they met online, they never came back.....rumors have it some couple who were camping found their bodies hanging by nooses, their bodies decaying and rotting away."

Kandi's eyes widen in fear as she looked at her in worry, "That awful!....does anyone know who did it?" Sapphire only shook her head, "the cops haven't found the guys who done it, but only proof they found was circles and 'X's' carved in the bodies and their kidneys carved out and smiles carved into their faces......like Jeff the killer"

Kandi had manage to make it through her first day of school, she made a new friend, survived the cheer squad and got good grades all in one day, she opend her locker and watched as a envelope fell to her feet, she looked around to see if anyone nearby might have slipped it in her locker and picked it up, the envelope was blank and looked like it wasn't sealed.

She held her books under her arm as she took out the note and read it carefully,

ҽ×ϲմՏҽ ʍҽ, í ժօղԵ աɑղԵ վօմ Եօ ԵհíղƘ í'ʍ ɾíժíϲմӀօմՏ օɾ ɑղվԵհíղց, ҍմԵ վօմ ɑɾҽ Եհҽ ʍօՏԵ ҍҽɑմԵíƒմӀ ϲɾҽɑԵմɾҽ í հɑѵҽ ҽѵҽɾ Տҽҽղ. յմՏԵ ƒҽӀԵ ӀíƘҽ í հɑժ Եօ ԵҽӀӀ վօմ, ՏíղϲҽɾҽӀվ վօմɾՏ, վօմɾ ՏҽϲɾҽԵ ɑժʍíɾҽɾ

The writing was hard to make out but you could read what it said and it made your curious, who would stick a love letter in her locker in the first place? the only kid of students in this school were jocks and preps, except her and Sapphire, but she didn't think Sapphire would do something like this.

Once she got home she saw a note on the door, 'Kandi, went out of town for a few weeks, left some money for food and numbers to call in case of an emergency on the fridge' "Oh course..." she sighed as she unlocked the door and walked down to the basement where her room was and kicked off her converse and sat at her computer desk and opend her laptop and got on facebook to chat with Brenda.

XxKandi-Kannibal: Well I had an interesting but good day of school....despite the creepy stalker letter i found in my locker after school.

Brenda Hart: Woah, hold it! you found a stalker note in your locker?! wow someone must be really into you

XxKandi-Kannibal: Idk' Brenda....It seems way to weird if you ask me....I mean look at me then look at the students.....all jocks and preps.....well except for this one girl......her name's Sapphire, she seems pretty cool, has a lot of tattoos and these bad ass contacts that remind me of BEN's eyes.

Brenda Hart: oooo exotic, you dont think she did it, do you? Like, remember what your ex girlfriend did? she kept shoving dead roses in your locker and left like a million letters begging for you to take her back.....she was crazy

XxKandi-Kannibal: Ugh! dont remind me.....I still get emails from her still.... idk Brenda.......maybe it will be fun to have a new stalker for a change ;)

When Kandi laughed, she heard a small bang on her window above her bed, causing her to jump, she quickly looked over and there on the window folded in a uneven rectangle was another note.

Kandi gulped in fear as she slowly made her way to her bed and stood on it to look out the window, nobody was in sight, she slowly opend the window and made a quick grab for the note before slamming her window shut and locking it, she jumped down and went back to her computer.

XxKandi-Kannibal: OMG....Brenda........your not gonna believe what just happend.....

Brenda Hart: What What??????? :O

XxKandi-Kannibal: You know how i told you about me getting a strange note in my locker?......I just got another one but on my window.......

Brenda Hart: OMG! Open it Open it!!!!! OMG im totes freaking out for you!!

Kandi took a deep breath as she slowly unfolded the crumpled up rectangle, at this point she wished she never did.


Home Alone

KANDI couldn't believe what she was holding in her hands, "This cant be happening....." right when she was typing to her friend the power had went out, leaving her in complete darkness with the only kind of light to fill her room was by the full moon.

She panicked as she grabbed her phone and switched on her flashlight and looked around, she didn't know what to do or if she was just over reacting, she swallowed her pride and slowly walked upstairs to where the kitchen was .

she walked to the outlet box to check to see if anything was out of place, once the power came back on she smiled to herself and decided to make a small dinner, she pulled out some frozen left over mac and cheese and popped it in the oven, she hummed as she pulled out a plate and grabbed a soda then walked to the living room and turned on the tv and watched the news, she was getting bored when a reporter caught her attention before she changed it.

"Thank you Curt, I'm Trisha Padillia and here to inform you to stay in your houses, a loose serial killer was spotted not long ago by Pondarosa drive, yet another killing by this menacing psychopath, last spotted wearing a white hoody, black dress pants and black converse.

If anyone spots him, please....please stay inside, lock the doors and windows and call the police right away, this man is highly dangerous and will kill right away"

Kandi turned the channel quickly, "A....killer was close by......maybe he's the one who...." she shook her head of the thought and checked her food, she opend the oven and smiled as she carefully pulled the pan out and set if on the counter to cool.

"Smells delicious, im sure it's not as good as you" A raspy, deep voice said behind her, Kandi's blood ran cold as the color in her face drained in fear, she quickly grabbed a large kitchen knife from the drawer and whipped around, holding the knife out in front of her only to face nothing, "Your over thinking this situation too much Kandi.....there's no way a killer could be inside your house without leaving some kind of sign....

.it's just your paranoia getting the best of you again......" she took a deep breath as she turned back around to fix her place and grabbed her soda and turned around only to dropped her food once she saw who was standing a few feet in front of her, his white hoody was stained with what looked like fresh blood, his black dress pants were ripped at the knees and his long black hair was a tangled mess, but what scared her the most was his face.

His skin was paper white and leathery looking, he had a massive carved smile that reminded her of the Cheshire cat from Alice madness, it disturbed her greatly, and seeing his eyelids were burnt made his features even more gruesome. he was about 6'0 maybe taller, since she was only 5'3" she felt like a flea or a tiny animal about to be hunted.

"W-who are you...h-how did you get in....." Kandi stuttered as she slowly backed away as she watched the man's bloody Cheshire grin grow wider (if that was even possible) "The name's Jeff Jeff the killer, also You may have locked the door but lesson one in protecting yourself, always make sure ALL the windows are locked, even in the bathroom" he smirked as he pulled out his blood covered knife.

Was this really Jeff the killer? it couldn't be! he was just a made up story right? "L-Look....i have money.....its on the counter....take it....that's all i have, really......" she stammered once again as she watched as Jeff chuckled darkly as he walked closer to her, "You idiot, I don't want your pitiful money, I want you to Go. To.Sleep!"

Kandi soon felt an intense sharp pain running up and down her side, warm red liquid started covering the side of her shit as she looked down to see his knife sticking in the side of her ribs.

She began to feel cold and lightheaded and felt the urge to fall as her vision became blurry and dark, soon everything went dark. (Well that's it for this chapter, i know it was short but ill make it longer in the next chapter :D )

New student

Note: When font is like this... means it's Sully talking ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Kandi soon woke up on her bed under the covers, still wearing the clothes from yesterday she slowly sat up and rubbed her head, she looked around trying to remember all what happen.

"It must of been a dream...It had to be...Jeff the killer dont exist, it was just a bad dream..." she got out of bed and looked at the time, the clock said 12pm, she sighed as she grabbed some mini shorts and a tank top and walked up stairs to use the shower, she stood under the hot water for a while until she got out and got dressed, Kandi noticed the lights were all on and the food she made was left out on the counter, "Great.....I must of been more tired then I thought was..."

Kandi picked up the mess and turned off the lights that were left on in the living room and kitchen, once everything was cleaned KAndi walked to the living room, and turned on the tv and checked her phone, she saw she had two missed calls and 9 text messages all from her best friend, First Kandi checked the two voice messages, one was from her friend and the other was from a unrecognized number,

"Kandi it's me! have you seen the news yet?! there was a murder last night in our neighborhood..you know the Morrisons that lived right by the park? they got murdered..all of them, their faces were cared with these creepy smiles and writing was everywhere on the walls in their blood! Just please call me back so I know your alright" Kandi Couldn't believe what she was hearing,

What living person would do such a horrible thing to another person!? She decided to take a quick shower and got dressed, before heading to school, she was very late by why not, she didn't feel like staying home after everything that had happen.

Once Kandi arrived to school she spotted Bella in the hallway and ran to her to hug her "Why the hell are you so late?! everyone was starting to think you were killed or something! I mean are you alright? you look like shit" Kandi sighed "I'm fine....just had a bad dream was all...." She took out her art textbook and walked to class with Bella

"Oh by the way we have a new student......talk about creepy....Im telling you this dude is all levels of weird....you should see his face.....well it's covered by this scarf and he refuses to remove it......" Kandi looked over at her in shock "that is weird...." once they entered the class everyone looked over at them their teacher, Mrs.Polla glared at her as she crossed her arms "So glad to have you with us, Ms. Lopez.....what excuse do you have for us today?"

Kandi shrugged as she shifted her backpack on her other shoulder, Mrs.Polla sighed as she reached in her desk grabbing a pink sheet of paper, 'Oh great' she thought, "Detention after school, my class....now im sure you would like to show our new student around the school?"

(Kandi's POV) I shrugged as Mrs.Polla called some kid by their name "Liu Woods," I watched as a tall looking boy around my age stand up and walk to the front of the class, I could hear people giggling while others gossiped "This is Kandi Lopez, she will be showing you around school, please feel free to ask her any questions you may have"

Liu nodded as he followed me out of the class, it was so odd, he wasn't much of a talker but I cant really blame him, being the new kid sucks, "So, Liu..the first floor isnt really a big deal you got your art room obviously, then you got the biology lab, then your gym class, the lunch room, then down the hall on the left is where the freshmen and sophomore classes are, their not allowed to use our stairs so they have their own."

I saw Liu nodding "why does it matter which stairs are used?...stairs are just stairs....their all the same" I stopped and looked at him, his voice was so charming and deep "Well.....I have no idea.....I mean that's the rules I guess..." We walked up the flight of stairs that led to the second floor 'AKA' the fun floor!

"So this is the "Fun Floor" you'll see why! right here is my favorite class, " we walked into the language arts class, Mr.Moore was teaching about poetry when he looked over at me and smiled "Well there's the poet, what do you need Kandi?" I smiled as I shrugged "Showing Liu around, hes new here plus I got detention so this is my job for now"

Mr. Moore shook his head "Kandi if i had a dollar for every time you got detention I'd be richer then scrooge Mcduck!" a few of the class plus me started laughing "Well I'll catch you later Mr.'M'" with that we left "Mr.Moore is so cool! but hes not as cooler as Ms.Rogers, hopefully you will get her class!" I said in excitement as I grinned,

Liu noticed this as he followed beside me "And why is she so "Cool"?" he quoted 'Cool' with his fingers, I smiled as I open the Biology door "You'll see...Hey Ms.Rogers" Ms.Rogers was the type of woman who reminds you of Ms.Frizzle from the magic school bus, bright red hair always in a messy bun and old fashion dresses and skirts.

"Ah, Kandi! so glad to see you, and who is this?" Kandi smiled "This is Liu woods, hes new, I was just telling him I hope he has your class" Ms.Rogers smiled "Well I hope so too, because we are going on a special trip before lunch" After showing Liu around we made it to the third floor where the office was and got his schedule and locker combo, his locker was next to mine and surprisingly had the same classes as I did!

It was time to go to Biology class I was so curious what this special trip was I walked up the stairs from my locker and saw the room was packed with kids in ms.Rogers class and mr.Moore's class I spotted Liu in the corner and pushed past the students till I reached him "I wonder whats going on..." Liu looked over at me and shrugged.

"Ok class listen up, now Im sure your all wondering why I have my class and Mr.Moore's class here, well like I said I have a special trip planned for all of us today now We wont tell what it is but letting you all guess where we are going, so if everyone will pair up with another classmate then we will head to the bus"

Everyone ran around the room bumping and shoving "Would you.....like to be partners?" Liu asked as he rubbed the back of his neck, I blushed as I smiled "Sure!" We walked out of the building to the bus we sat in the far back which was the best seats! I looked out the window as the bus started driving away,

"So how are you liking it here so far Liu?" I asked as I looked at him and smiled, Liu shrugged "Its ok I guess.....same assholes, same whores, same boring lectures........its just like my old school.........expect my brother isnt with me.........." he mumbled that last part, I couldn't help but look at him in curiosity 'what did he mean by that?' I thought to myself, (End POV)

Welcome to Camp Slender Hollow

It wasn't long till the buss pulled over to some creepy looking camp, "Camp Slender Hollow?" I had no idea what was going on, Liu and I were the last to get off the bus and stayed in the back of the crowd "Ok class, listen up now! now im sure your wondering why we came here, and to explain everything we have Mr. and Mrs. Willson here to explain everything!"

Mr.Moore announced as a middle aged couple smiled at us, something about them didn't seem right, I mean they had this eerie smile that reminded you of the Cheshire cat, like....who is ever that happy?! " Hidy ho young adults! "Im Jillian Willson, and this is Marcus Willson, we really are happy as clams to have you all here with us, now im sure your wondering why your awesome teachers took you here, well we are happy to explain,

you see this is an all purpose camp, you have your math camp, sports camp, science camp, and ancient history camp, we are basically a learning camp for all ages!"

Mr.Willson who grinned cleared his throat "please pass out these brochures to each student and then once their all handed out we will begin the tour, the reason your here is because we have been informed there are a lot of you who are looking to increase your learning skills and your goals are to get better grades, well we are here to help you reach your goals and prepare you for the future!"

Kandi looked at the brochure as she raised a brow "Is it me or is this place a bit.......odd" Liu nodded "its like a camp for future serial killers" he joked which made her laugh, We followed the Willsons around the camp, every bit of it was just so creepy, the cabins looked so old and ran down, the mess hall looked like it hadn't been cleaned and dusted in years, and the most weirdest thing, we haven't seen any other kids,

"Now that the tour is over do any of you awesome learners have any questions?" Mrs.Willson asked, Liu raised his hand as he leaned on a near by tree "Yeah I got one,,,where is everyone?" Mrs.Willson only grinned, but swore we could see her eye twitch a little bit "Well their not here quit yet, we just open. But im sure you will meet some new faces once you sign up"

Kandi couldn't help but look around by the woods she swore she saw someone watching her, the familiar pale white skin made her gasp as she stared at the person, "Kandi, you ok?" Kandi looked behind her at Liu then looked back at the woods only to see the person was gone! "I......y-yeah.....im fine I just thought I saw something.....we better get back on the bus before we are left behind.."

(Kandi's POV) After we got back to school it was already time to go home, sadly for me I had to stay back for detention, Joy!....I grabbed my backpack and walked to the art room and sat down at my desk I wasn't really paying attention to see who else was there, I just wanted to get this over and done with,

I looked over to see the window but my eyes soon widen in utter fear and shock, there on the desk beside me were some white lilies in a vase that was covered in blood with a note attached, I got up feeling my body shaking in fear as I grabbed the note and open it, what I read made me tear up and feel sick to my stomach,

'Yₒᵤ ᵣₑₐlly shₒᵤldn't ₜᵣᵤₛₜ ₗᵢᵤ, ₕₑ'ₛ ₙₒₜ wₕₐₜ ₕₑ ₛₑₑₘₛ! ₚₛ: Yₒᵤ ₗₒₒₖₑd ᵥₑᵣy bₑₐᵤtᵢfᵤl ₛₜₐₙdᵢₙg ᵢₙ ₜₕₑ ₛᵤₙₗᵢgₕₜ, ᵢ wₒndₑᵣ ᵢf yₒᵤᵣ ₐs bₑₐᵤtᵢfᵤl cₒᵥₑᵣₑd ᵢn blₒₒd ₐnd bₑggᵢng fₒᵣ yₒᵤᵣ lᵢfₑ!'

I couldnt make out much of it but i did make out the last bit, I dropped the note and covered my mouth, I felt so sick and my head started spinning, I tried to keep my balance as I tried to make my way out of the room but I ended up tripping over a desk, losing my footing and falling to the floor, soon passing out, I slowly open my eyes to see someone leaning over me, his orange goggles and mouth guard made it hard to see who it was, I soon closed my eyes and everything went back,

More like Camp Nightmare

(Kandi's POV) It had been a few weeks since the filed trip, I honestly haven't been myself since that horrible experience at school, the nurse said there was no flowers found or no trace of blood, It must of been my nerves...what pissed me off, was my mother who came home early had the doctor give me medication, it was for hallucinations She thought I was crazy! My own mother! ugh, whatever...

I finished my packing and sighed as I looked out the window as my mother came in with a worried look on her face "Kandi do you really think you should go on this trip? Are you even feeling well enough to go?" I glared at her as I folded my arms "For fuck sake mom im not crazy!...I know what I saw!!" I stormed past her with my suitcase,

ever since she came home and picked me up from the nurses office she began drinking like a fish almost everyday, I honestly felt like a bother...I never seen my own mother drink till now, I sighed as I walked out and waited for the camp bus to pick me up, it was only 6am, I sat on my fence and looked up at the grayish sky, feeling tiny drops of rain hitting my face,

A loud horn interrupted my thoughts as a bus pulled over and open the doors I hopped off the fence and climbed into the bus, it was full of a mix of students I know and others I never met, I looked around till I spotted Liu in the far back by the window and smiled as I rushed over to him and sat beside him "you ready for this?" I asked as I placed my suitcase on the back of the isle with the other luggage.

"I guess......I mean i already been to camp before...." there was something different about him today, he didn't seem like himself, he sounded more....irritated and annoyed, "Hey....are you alright? you don't sound too happy for this...." Liu sighed "Kandi.....can you keep a secret?" Kandi nodded as she crossed her chest where her heart was, "The truth is....I'm-"

he was interrupted by a kid in the front "All together now!!" everyone started as they started singing this really stupid song that didn't even make sense, "You were saying?" I asked as I looked back at him Liu shook his head and put in his earbuds to his ipod and looked back out the window, I blushed as I looked down and pulled out my own ipod and turned up the volume,

It wasn't long till we arrived at the camp which was now full of other kids, we all grabbed out things and hopped the bus, of course I stayed with Liu but he seemed distant from me, I wonder if I did something wrong...

I decided to walk over to him by the woods entrance to check "Hey Liu......can I talk to you.....you seem really distant from me......is something wrong?" Liu looked up at me, the look of pain and something else mixed in his eyes "No....Kandi you didn't do anything......its just.........its just hard to explain.........." I was about to say something when a high girly voice interrupted me "Hi there!"

we turned around to this well dressed girl around my age, her neatly straight orange hair swayed in the wind and her skin glowed, she looked like she was from some private school or something.

"Im Kate Martinez, you must be new here, " she gave us such a fake smile it made me roll my eyes, "Im Kandi Lopez," Kate didn't seem to notice as she flicked her hair back and batted her eyes at Liu "and who are you?" Liu glanced at her with uninterest "Liu..." I knew she was going to be trouble, "Ok campers! everyone gather around the fire pit please!"

said Mr.willson, everyone ran over and either sat on the log seats or stood behind them Liu and I sat on one of the logs and of course miss perfect just had to sit on the other side of him, "Ok campers we are so happy to have so many of you here today, so what got planned is we will separate you all in the groups you chose for your choice,

then we will lead you to your cabins then after your all settled we will meet at the mess hall for our daily fun! now for anyone who signed up for biology you will be team science, anyone who signed up for sports you will be team tough guys, anyone who sighed up for mathematics will be team know it alls and anyone who sighed up for history you will be team History, now each team has a letter on their cabins, from A to D,

team science your cabin A, team tough guys, your cabin B, team know it alls, your cabin C and Team History, your cabin D, Also there are two sets of cabins, one for the boys and one for the girls, ok now everyone run off to your cabins, get settled then in half an hour we will all meet up in the mess hall!"

I looked back at Liu who walked the other way from me, I grabbed my suitcase and walked straight to cabin 'A', it was somewhat big, but it was also dusty I chose the furthest bunk in the corner and chose the bottom bunk and began to unpack, I looked at the pill bottle my mom had packed for me and sighed, only to quickly throw it in my draw when someone walked over to me,

"So, I guess we are cabin buddies, " she smiled as she chose a bunk beside me, "I been coming here for almost my whole life, its really not one of my favorites but my mom insisted if i wanna get into Harvard....anyway that Liu guy is pretty cute, you two really make a cute couple"

she stated as she sat on her bottom bunk across from me, "Oh.....uhm....we aren't a couple...." Kate looked at me with fake surprise, "Oh is that so? well too bad, well I guess he's on the market then"

I wanted her pull out her make up bag and glossed up her lips, "Look, I'm sure your a nice girl and all but lets get one thing straight....Keep away from Liu got it? hes mine, and nobody else's....and if you even try to pull anything I'll make your life a living hell while your here got it sweetie?"

I just sat there in shock, unable to believe what I just heard as I watched Kate smirking at me before leaving, I sighed as I got up and walked to the mess hall, It was pretty crowded and hard to find a place to sit, I looked around for Liu but didn't seem to find him, I manage to find an empty table and sat by myself,

"Excuse me....i-is this table t-taken?..." I looked over only to gasp softly, it was the boy I saw before I passed out! what in the world was he doing here and who was he?! "I....uhm...no....go ahead...." I watched as he sat down, I couldn't help but stare at him as I remember almost blacking out completely when I saw his face.

"I know you....." I manage to say as I kept staring at him, The boy glanced at me as he raised a brow, "oh?....a-nd h-how is th-that?...." I looked down at my feet before looking back at him, "You where there at my school when I fainted......"

The boy's head twitched to the side a few times "Im afraid I have n-no idea wh-wh-what your t-talking about...." was he serious?! "No... I remember seeing you...you were there....you were wearing a mouth guard and goggles....I saw you..." The boy turned around glaring "Pl-please......if I remember seeing someone like y-you....don't you th-think I would be more h-happy to s-see you?"

I looked down and took a few deep breaths, 'Calm down Kandi...maybe he's right....maybe what you saw wasn't him but maybe someone else who looked like him....' I sighed once more before I saw a folded piece of paper in my face "This is f-for y-you by-by the way...." I took it before looking up at the councilors who where talking about daily activities for today, I unfolded it and began to read it to myself

'𝒦𝒶𝓃𝒹𝒾, 𝐼𝓂 𝓈𝑜𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝐼𝒻 𝐼 𝒹𝒾𝒹𝓃'𝓉 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓌 𝓊𝓅 𝓉𝑜 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓂𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝒽𝒶𝓁𝓁...𝐼 𝒽𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝒶 𝓁𝑜𝓉 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝓀𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓉𝑜 𝒹𝑜, 𝓅𝓁𝓊𝓈 𝐼 𝒽𝒶𝒹 𝓉𝑜 𝒸𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓇 𝓂𝓎 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝒹, 𝓌𝒽𝓎 𝒹𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓂𝑒𝑒𝓉 𝓂𝑒 𝒷𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓇𝒾𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝒷𝑒𝒽𝒾𝓃𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒸𝒶𝓂𝓅 𝓉𝑜𝓃𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝒶𝓉 𝟣𝟢 𝓌𝒽𝑒𝓃 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝒾𝓈 𝒶𝓈𝓁𝑒𝑒𝓅, 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒'𝓈 𝓈𝑜𝓂𝑒𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, '

I looked up to thank the guy but he was already gone, who was he?.....and what could Liu possibly want to show me that it has to be in private?..... (End POV)

Once the meeting was over everyone ran to their different spots where they needed to be, Kandi was by the lake gathering leafs and lake water for an experiment she had to do with their team, she sighed as she picked a few more leafs before she heard someone walking up behind her, she turned around and jumped in surprise to see Liu,

"Liu....you startled me...what happen earlier....where did you go?" Liu blushed as he rubbed the back of his neck "Uhm.....I had to do some thinking......and soul searching....so uhm.....did you get my note?" Kandi nodded as she finished picking the leaves "whats so important you need to show me?"

Liu kept quiet making Kandi look where he was looking at and groaned, she saw Kate walking over to them, swaying her hips as she waved at Liu "Liuie, yahoo! I missed you at the mess hall, earlier if you wanted to ditch you could of just said so" she giggled as she ran her hand on his chest, making him blush Kate noticed this and giggled

"Why don't we leave this loner alone and go play hide and seek, if you catch me ill reward you greatly" she whispered in his ear before licking it, Just this Kandi noticed something in Liu, his body language seemed to tense up, his hands balled into fists before he hunched over grabbing the sides of his head and moaned in pain, before standing up and smirked

"I have a better Idea...why don't you hide and if I find you, I get to gut you like the pig that you are!" Kate slowly backed up "your a fucking freak!" Kandi noticed the fear on Kate's face and followed her eyes to see Liu holding a knife from his pocket.

"L-Liu...." Kandi stuttered as she froze in fear, Liu turned her her and glared "Don't you dare call me that pussy's name! the name's Sully sweet cheeks" Kandi blushed as she watched Liu erm....Sully walk where Kate ran off too, was he seriously going to kill Kate?.....

What if he killed her next? was he the one leaving all those creepy notes?...so many questions filled her head she had forgotten the experiment, she looked up at the sun and saw it was slowly getting dark, she sighed as she walked to her cabin and layed on her bed, "what did I just get myself into?....this has became a real nightmare....."

Kandi reached into her drawer for her pills and ended up finding yet another note, 'oh great not again...' she thought, she open the note and felt her blood run cold,

'тнєу мαу ησт кησ? ?нαт ℓσνє ιѕ, вυт ι ∂σ, уσυ ѕмєℓт ѕσ gσσ∂ αη∂ ѕσ ѕ?єєт ?нєη уσυ ѕαт вєѕι∂є мє, ι ?αηтє∂ тσ яυη му нαη∂ѕ тняσυgн уσυя нαιя αη∂ ?яαρ му нαη∂ѕ αяσυη∂ уσυя ηє¢к αη∂ мαкє уσυ тєℓℓ мє уσυ ℓσνє мє, вυт тнαт ?ιℓℓ ¢σмє ѕσση, тιℓℓ тнєη му ℓσνє'

This camp has became a real living nightmare, Kandi was being stalked the new kid was a killer who called himself some other name, already made an enemy, it was just too much, and things were just going to get worse very soon.... (YESSSS this chapter is finally over!! and its going to get more messed up! )

staring in the eyes of many devils

Kandi sat by the campfire with the other campers, watching them roast marshmallows and hot dogs, all she could do was think about what had happen in the woods, Kandi hadn't seen Liu or Kate after the whole sully, liu experience "Kandi, you haven't even touched your s'more...is everything alright?" Kandi looked over to see one of the girls in her cabin, Trisha Moore she was a shy girl but also a nerd with a large brain.

"Yeah....I'm alright....just....worried...." was all she said as she stared at the flames, "Let me guess..Liu?" Kandi looked at Trisha in shock, "H-how did you know?..." Trisha smiled a little as she pushed up her round glasses, "I see how you look at him and how he looks at you, plus he kind of told me he had deep feelings for you, I gotta say im not very good at keeping secrets..I dont really care for them,

but since he never told me to not tell you I dont see the problem, anyway he has been avoiding Kate like ants avoiding water, then again I haven't seen them all day.....none of them were at their classes or at the lake, im sure everything is alright..." Kandi sighed as she looked down, The councilors and campers were going around telling ghost stories, which she would have normally be excited to hear, but not this time....

One camper was talking about some legendary monster known as Slender man who lived in these woods, and talked about a killer known as Jeff the killer, She listen to the description of the killer as her heart started racing, it was the same description of the person who had broken into her house....or the dream she had of him, at this point she prayed it had been a dream.

Just then a pair of hands grabbed her from the back of her shoulders, making her scream and fall back off the log she had been sitting on, hearing laughs from the other campers, Kandi looked up to see Liu with a slight grin on his face, trying his best to not laugh, Kandi scrambled to her feet and dusted herself off, "L-Liu?...."

Liu smiled as he sat on the log and patted the spot beside him as another camper told yet another creepypasta story, Liu looked at the fire locking his gaze on the flames as he whispered, "Hey im sorry for not showing up all day.......I just had to be alone, plus I didnt feel like socializing with other people..." Kandi looked him over, he looked completely fine, and normal, he didnt look like some insane person like before, and his voice was back to normal.

"Liu..........what happend yesterday night? you had me so worried" Liu didnt look away from the flames, keeping quiet for a bit as he listened to the story of a killer known as Eyeless Jack, Kandi could have sworn she saw him smirk a little bit, but it was probably the flick of the light from the fire, "Liu?......."

Liu looked over with a straight face, "I dont know what you mean Kandi..." Ok now something was up, and she wasn't going to let this keep going on, Kandi stood up, grabbed Liu by the sleeve of his shirt and took him back to her cabin and shut the door, "Liu what the hell is going on with you?!, dont act like nothing is going on,

I know you remember what happend yesterday night in those damn woods now spill it!" She folded her arms over her chest as she waited for an answer, she couldn't help but notice an odd Oder in the cabin,

Liu walked over to her, placing his hands on each side of her shoulders, a look of seriousness on his face as he leaned closer to hers, "Kandi........................I have no idea what your talking about"

What the hell is going on with him! hes not acting the same when she first met him, "Liu....your really scaring me......I know you remember going into the woods with me, and calling yourself......this Sully person......then went after...........Kate......"Kandi notice the smell was getting much heavier, she had to cover her nose and looked down, "what the hell is that smell?..."

(Kandi's POV) I couldn't help but notice the smell in the cabin was getting worse, I covered my noise as I looked over at Liu who was not sitting on the side of my bed, crossing his leg over on the other, "Liu.....what happend to Kate?........" Liu didnt answer as he looked around and noticed my journal on the bedside table and picked it up and read it,

"You know Kandi.......since the day I first met you, I grew an extremely large and uncontrolled feelings for you, I just didnt want to show it just yet....I didnt want you to think I was some creep, but you proven to me that I dont have to worry anymore"

Liu was avoiding my question, "Liu......please......please tell me what happend to Kate......d-did you.....-" Liu interrupted me by slamming my journal closed while he flashed an innocent smile on his face, "hurt her?.......Kandi, Kandi, Kandi....my dear sweeties Kandi, Would I ever hurt anyone?.....do YOU think I hurt her?"

He asked as he stood up and walked towards me, making me back up slowly till I reached Kate's bunk and fell on top of her bed, there the smell had gotten so worse it made me gag and wanted to puke, I noticed a small red stain on top of her many quilts and pillow, I reached a shaky hand towards the quilts, embracing myself for what I was about to find and quickly pulled them back,

I then threw myself off the bed and fell on the floor, There on the bed was Kate, chopped into many different parts, her head on her pillow, her arms and legs in different spots, her torso in the middle of the mess with her heart that had been ripped out and missing!

I couldn't help but scream only to have a hand covering my mouth and my body pinned to the wooden floor by Liu, "Now, now...we dont want to bring any attention over here now do we?" I was far to scared to move or try to say anything, my body shivered under his weight, "If I let go of that pretty little mouth of yours, do you promise to be a good girl and behave?" I had no chose and slowly nodded.

I watched as Liu slowly removed his hand, knowing that I wouldn't scream and smirked down at me, "Liu.....wh-why?...." Liu who still had me pinned looked at me with a confused look before bursting out in laughter "Your so adorable when you are so clueless, thats one of the many things I just love about you,

you know that? but to answer your question, you would have to meet my brother.......and that will never happen...I'll never let him near you.....your mine.....your ours....." There was that creepy voice change again! "Please.....j-just let me go.....I promise I wont tell anyone...."

My worst fear soon peaked its ugly head in once Liu pulled out a large blood covered knife from his back pants pocket, holding it up to where I could see my reflection, "Oh I know you wont tell anyone sweetie, your mine remember? and once your mine, I'm never letting you go, " he smiled sweetly down at my scared form,

this was a nightmare and I had to wake up! we soon heard screaming and yelling from the main camping site, this making Liu smiled and looked back down at me, "seems my friends finally made their introductions."

I looked at him worried and scared "Wh-what friends?....." Liu smiled down at me, "you know how all those idiots were talking about slender man, Jeff the killer and Eyeless Jack? have you even thought for just a minute that we are real? that people only told our story just to scare stupid little campers into being good?" Tears rolled down my cheeks as I glared up at him, I bucked my hips trying to kick him off me,

"Your a fucking monster!!" That was probably the one biggest mistake I could have ever made, Liu stopped talking as his eyes soon turned to a bright green, and acted as if he was going to stab me in the neck as he raised the knife high over his head and quickly lunged it down, making me scream for dear life as I closed my eyes tightly, waiting for my death to come, only it didn't!

I slowly open my eyes to see Liu holding the knife to my neck, his eyes back to normal with a straight face, he slowly ran the blade up my neck to the side of my cheek and softly ran it up and down, "your so beautiful when you cry, but I think it's time I introduce you to my friends." once he was off of me I tried to scurry away only to have my arms held tightly behind my back,

If you try to even run i'll break your arms and make you wish you never tried that, now when I say 'up' you get up and walk slowly, got it?" I slowly nodded, only because he was really hurting me, "now..up" he pulled me to my feet and walked me out of the cabin, still with my hands behind my back held by his one hand,

we walked out of the cabin only for me to cry more and look away, the whole place was caught in flames, every camper was slaughtered and scattered everywhere, even Trisha who's body was ripped open and had a frightening smile carved on her face, "Dont cry princess, you will be home in no time, I promise" I looked up at him before hearing a twig snap ahead of me, turning my head around I gasped at what I was seeing, every creepypasta I had ever read about,

plus Toby and even the one who's face was ghost white and whore a bloody white hoodie, Eyeless who had his blue mask raised to the side was chewing on what looked like a kidney which made me want to puke, I knew now I was staring in the eyes of many devils and my life was going to be controlled by them,


Lolita Slave toy

(before you read this, I just want to make it clear no this is not the Creepypasta tale of Lolita Slave toy, but bits and pieces will be in it, I just listened to it and I gotta say its pretty messed up.... Note to self: NEVER go on 4 chan! ............anyway Enjoy the chapter!! XD )

"This is a waste of time! why dont we just killer her already?!"........... "Are you an idiot?! we brought her here for a damn good reason and we are going to keep it that way!" ............... "Will both of you shut the hell up?! if she wakes up and begins freaking out it'll be on both you idiots!" voice softly echoed in Kandi's head as she slowly moved her head and tried to open her eyes,

"Great, now look what idiots have done, I was hoping she would be out for another day....." complained the male voice, Kandi slowly opend her eyes but her vision was very blurry, she noticed three blurred figures standing in front of her but had no idea who they were, she tried to move her arms and legs, only to fail.

"Wh-where.....am....I...?" she muttered out, she was far too weak to try to move again, she had no idea why she was or why she couldn't move, "your home Kandi, and home is where you'll stay" that voice......why does that voice sound so familiar?.......she felt a cool hand placed on her for head,

"she seems to have a slight fever, probably from the anesthetic I had given her, go and tell Toby to make her room, and have him attach the restraints as well, we dont need our little doll trying to run away...like the last one......"

"well maybe if you would have just cut off her arms and legs like you were suppose to she wouldn't have ran away!" Though Kandi wasn't fully aware of her surrounding, just hearing that made her heart race, the beeping of a heart monitor let who ever was in the room with her know this,

a few chuckles were heard and shuffling of feet on the floor along with what could have been a drawer of some kind opening she soon winced as a sharp pain filled her arm, soon feeling dizzy and blacking out once more,

(??? POV) the male turned around and tossed his gloves in the trash along with his surgical mask, he looked over to see Toby who nodded down at him, indicating the job was done, "Liu, loosen her restraints and carry her up to her room,

as for you Ben....I require a word with you" Liu undid the restraints and picked up Kandi bridal style as he walked up the basement stairs, and followed Toby out and closed the door, "Why must you be such a fool Benjamin ? are you trying to have your little doll run away?"

Ben who was a look a like of link but only with black and red eyes glared at him "Screw you! I dont want nothing to do with a human..its bad enough I live with most of them!" Dr. Smiley only looked at the girl's stats and tapped his fingers on his desk he had shared with Eyeless Jack,

"you know Ben the last girl to have ran away was your fault, Ive told you countless times to not torture her, to not play head games wit her, and tell me Benjamin .....what happend?" Ben only glared "she managed to steal on of Eyeless's scalpels and broke free and ran away....." Dr. Smiley nodded, "and do you know where she is now?"

he looked at Ben with a bored look seeing him Shrug made him sigh as he tossed a photo at his feet he watched as Ben made a disgusting look "that.........is sick!....." Dr.Smiley nodded "Indeed....I see Jason has gotten more creative with his human dolls.......almost as if he had gotten the idea from dr Ludwig Denzinger.

Ben looked confused "who?....." Dr.Smiley sighed "he's the one who we would find our victims, and bring them here I just never thought he would have victims like these as well......either Jason stole his creative idea......or hes working with the man as well........" Ben shook his head then looked up,

"What about that comment Jeff made?......about cutting her limbs off.....does he know about it as well?........" Dr.Smiley looked up with thought "Possibly.......and it might be a good idea......." Ben's jaw dropped "Are you insane?!......that's to far....even for you!"

Dr.Smiley smirked "your so naive , now leave me be so I can clean up" He watched as Ben walked up the stairs, soon as the door shut we moved the swivel chair to the computer desk and went on the website that dr. dr Ludwig Denzinger had told him about and scrolled through his patents......each gruesome then the last "what is your purpose doc?...." (end POV)

about five to six hours later Kandi manage to fully wake up, she noticed she was in a slightly small room, maybe big enough for a small bed and a dresser but that was there was her in a bed a small table and chair in the corner and a small bathroom, she tried to sit up but looked down to see she was strapped to the bed, "Oh my god......." she manage to say she tried her best to move around but the straps her far to tight,

"Struggling wont help you dearie..." Kandi looked up after hearing that same voice again, it was Liu! "no.....please......dont hurt me......." she begged as tears ran down her flushed face, Liu ignored her as he closed the door and walked over to grab the chair and sat it beside her, and sat down, running a cool hand over hair messy hair

"you should know by now I wont hurt you.....not unless you give me a reason too" he smiled sweetly down at her, "My parents.........the school.......they will figure out im missing......they will find me......." Liu only laughed before running his hand through her messy hair wrapping a few locks around his fingers "your so cute when you act stupid, nobody wont find you Kandi, do you realize you been missing for weeks now?"

the color in Kandi's face drained quickly after hearing this, "wh-what do you mean...I been missing for....weeks?" Liu smirked as he got up and walked over to the table once again and grabbed what looked like a cut out of a news article and sat back down "Kandi Lopez, age 16 was discovered missing at a local study camp, the police had found a brutal scene of campers,

unidentified body parts scattered around and two missing campers known as Liu woods and Kandi Martinez, local police have decided the two were apart of the murder and didnt make it" Liu looked up to see Kandi shaking in great fear only to burst in tears as she screamed in terror as she wailed in horror and agony, Liu got up and sat on the side of the bed and leaned down to kiss the side of her face

"now now....there is no need to cry, you will be much more happy here, we even gave you this nice room, got you all new clothes and this......." he reached under the bed and handed her a old stuffed rabbit doll, the eyes were replaced with buttons and had stitches on a few places "I just want to go home!" she balled even harder making Liu smile as he leans down to hug her

"you are home Kandi.......and like I said before...." he moved away and grabbed her chin to make her look at him as his face grew serious "and home is where you'll stay...now im sure your hungry, so why dont I take these pesky restraints off and ill take you down stairs"

He got up and walked out her room, he was going to let her free? so easily?! this was her chance to escape and go for help!....if she knew where she was at least, her hopes were soon shot down once Liu came back in with someone else who was pushing in a wheel chair that also had wrist and ankle restraints, "please......dont do this....."

She begged as the masked man closed and locked the door and walked over to her with the wheel chair "Kandi I have no chose, it's for your own safety...we dont want our special doll breaking on the way down the stairs,..." Liu looked over at the masked man and nodded his head to her restraints

"Oh i almost forgot, Kandi, this is Masky, as long as you listen to him and dont fight, you wont be hurt, " Masky and Liu untied her restraints, once the last cuff was off Kandi tried to making a get away, only for her to fall flat on her face, "Wh?-....I...I cant move my legs......"

Liu only folded his arms and shook his head "Well no shit, why do you think we have this? if your legs would have been working we would have collared and leashed you......" Liu picked her up and sat her roughly in the wheel chair and placed the stuffed rabbit on her lap quickly strapping her wrists and ankles tightly.

Masky pushed Kandi out of her room and walked over to the stairs She looked over at Liu who smiled down at her "Dont worry love, he wont drop you....as long as you behave yourself" Masky slowly pushed her down each step "so what's Hoodie making this time? cheese cake again? "

It was the first time she had heard Masky ever speak a word around her, Liu shrugged and kept his eyes straight, "I think its mac and cheese, you know hes not a good cook and thats all he can really make, "

Masky shook his head as he pushed Kandi down the last two steps and wheeled her past the living room, the place looked so Victorian like, and old fashion he pushed her to a hall way and took a left where they entered a very large dinning room,

it looked like something from a fancy french restaurant, chandlers lined the ceiling as candelabras lined the side of the walls, a very long table was centered in the room where it was full of so many types of killers and odd looking people the room went from loud and noisy to utter silent and eerie as the room was now looking at Kandi.

A couple she had recognized, Toby who was sitting across from some woman who had long black hair and wearing a black mini dress and Jeff who saw by a Link look a like from Legend of Zelda, This was far too much for her to handle.. "Well looks like sleeping beauty is finally awake, "

someone said out loud which made a few chuckle, causing Kandi to blush, Masky sighed as he wheeled her over to the end of the table "Will you all shut up and listen up! we have a guest staying with us, I expect you al to treat her with full respect, under any circumstances will she be harmed in any way while she is staying here.... Dr.Smiley has his reasons...."

with that he walked out of the room Leaving Kandi alone in a room full of killers, Liu smirked as he sat beside her "dont worry princess, I'll make sure nobody hurts you, you dont know this but a lot here fear me, so if they wanna hurt you, they would have to go through me" Jeff on the other hand smirked "which is pretty easy"

Liu then snapped his attention to Jeff and glared "shut your pathetic mouth up before I tear your throat out!" Kandi couldn't help but flinch at the sudden change of his voice and attitude, it was so hard to keep up with Liu, you had no idea when he would be his normal self or when he will change.

Soon a small girl in a dirty pink dress skipped into the room her brown curly hair was matted and dirty same with her stuffed bear, she looked normal until she got closer and you could see the matted blood on her dress and hair, "Oh.....I almost forgot, Kandi this is Sally, she's the youngest in your family"

Kandi looked at the small girl who smiled up at her and sat on the other side of Kandi "Is Hoodie making his famous mac and cheese for dinner?" she grinned as she sat her bear on the table beside her, only to have Jeff grab it and shove it on her lap "What have we told you Sally? no damn toys at the damn table!" he snapped, making Sally look down and tear up, Kandi glared at Jeff as she balled her fists

"Dont yell at her like that! shes just a child," just when she thought she made a point everyone burst in insane laughter, even Sally! Jeff grinned making some blood drip from his wounds "you really are sexy when your dumb, she's not a fucking kid, shes twenty years old!"

everyone started laughing again, making Kandi blush and look down as her hair hid her face, She felt a hand on her lap and looked over at liu "It's ok Kandi, you didnt know, shit when we got new recruits they didnt know either, it took Candy Pop and Eodistra .... also known as Itsy Bitsy about a month to take it in"

A few killers growled as the laughter soon died down Ben who took a swig of his beer looked over at Liu "Haven't heard from any of those creeps since they bailed on us and joined Splender's mansion......"

Liu sighed "they betrayed us......they all wanted what we all have....a far better leader....he's the reason we are all here....we brought us back, gave us a chance to prove him we are worthy, gave us another chance to live life....." Kandi realized who he was talking about "Slender man..."

Sally nodded "hes like a father figure to us all, even though we are all adults we are all his children, hes actually way mature then his other brothers who live in another mansion far from here....we have a rule here, betray you kind, and you die.....well Spelnder saw something in them and gave them a chance....since then they been working for him.....dont get me wrong Splendor is amazing! he brings all kinds of goodies but most dont like him....."

Jane nodded "If anyone you should be worried about is Offender man.......if you got a set of breasts he will go after you and try to seduce you in all sorts of ways, but mostly with those dumb roses......." Soon Hoodie and Masky came in carrying all kind of trays full of food, mac and cheese, salad, pizza, burgers, spaghetti, Kandi's stomach started growling as her mouth started watering.

Liu chuckled as he grabbed her plate and started to fill it, she didnt even notice Toby had slipped into Liu's seat and wrapped his arm around Kandi's shoulder "h-hey b-b-babe, So I th-thought a-a-after dinner you would like to j-jo-join me i-n b-b-ed"

Kandi glared at him but soon looked away from him as he pulled out his hatchet and ran it up and down her thigh, Kandi tried her best to not cry as she closed her eyes, only to hear a loud thud and opend her eyes to see Toby on the floor with blood gushing from his nose

" you want to try that again to stuttering freak?! try it, just one more time,!!" Toby struggled to get to his feet as he held his bloody nose "Fuck you you crazed social path!" Kandi Noticed he didnt stutter that time, Sully smirked at her placed Kandi's plate in front of her and pulled out his knife, "you wanna go Rogers?! you want me beat your ass once again this time in front of the girl?! "

Toby glared more before punching the table and stormed out of the room, the room was dead silent as Kandi watched as Toby left, "I hate creepypasta....." Kandi said to herself as she started at the spaghetti on her plate, Hoodie who sat two chairs down from her pointed his fork at her plate "Its spaghetti, if you dont like it Liu can get you something else..." he said softly and shyly. (XD I thought that was too cute XD )

Kandi gave him a confused look and sighed as she looked away not touching her food, once Sully disappeared Liu sat back down after getting his food and looked over seeing Kandi not eating, "Love you really should eat.....Dr.Smiley put me in charge to make sure you ate, trust me you wanna eat other wise he will just put a tube down your throat and make you eat....."

he said as he sank his teeth into a burger, Kandi glared at him "Well i would love to eat but my hands are kind of strapped down!" Liu looked over and finished eating before he turned towards her and started feeding her, "are you serious?! Im not some baby, im more then capable of feeding myself!"

Liu smirked as he pointed her fork at her wheel chair, "really? because you look a little....tied up at the moment" a few killers laughed at his corny joke, as Kandi rolled her eyes, "whatever....you can just go screw off....." Liu then slammed the fork on the plate, making Kandi flinch as he stood up

"Fine! but dont you dare start whining when your starving and haven't ate anything because nobody is going to help you!" he wheeled her out of the dinning room and pulled her up the stairs with ease and took her back to her room where he unbuckled her from the chair, grabbed her and flung her on the bed and walked out slamming the door behind him and locked it.

(Kandi's POV) Liu tossed me on my bed and locked the door on his way out, I noticed he didnt bother to die me back down, It wasn't a big deal....it wasn't like I could get up and run.....my legs didn't even work and I had no idea why...

I sat myself up and sighed, I looked over at my left and saw he left the wheelchair, I took a deep breath before I tried to scoot myself off the bed and onto the chair, I sighed once I made it and wheeled myself over to the window and gasped I was at least five stories off the ground, "well....I can forget about climbing down..."

I said to myself, I looked down as i wheeled myself over to the door and tried to open it only to sigh, "oh....right....he locked it....." I sighed as I looked around only to jump slightly when I saw a ghost floating in front of me, "Oh...Im sorry...I didnt mean to scare you....I heard we had a new gust here and I wanted to see who it was...Im Lost Silver."

Kandi looked at the Pokemon character look a like, "Im Kandi....your not going to try to kill me too....are you?" Lost looked shocked as he shook his head "Of course not!.....I just over heard Liu talking to Dr.Smiley about you....is it true you gone a week without eating? you really should eat...." Kandi rolled her eyes, "I'm not going to be fed like some baby......I rather die of hunger..."

I soon regretted saying that because my stomach was growling, making me hunch over and grabbing my stomach, "You dont want to say that....because anyone here is willing to grant you that wish.....please at least eat something....we need you alive.....Liu needs you alive..."

I sighed as my stomach growled again "Fine.....but im unable to walk........." Lost smiled shyly as he floated through the door leaving me by myself again.

"Great......im going crazy......im talking to ghosts and they leave me...." shortly I heard the door unlock and in comes Liu with an irritated look on his face and arms folded on his chest looking down at me, I sighed as I lower my head "May I eat?........" Liu looked at her as if he was thinking "I dont know, are you going to throw another tantrum again?" I bit my lip in annoyance and sighed "no...."

Liu sighed as he walked over to me and wheeled me out of my room and down the stairs to the dinning room, he placed me at the head of the table and left to get some food, it was completely empty and surprisingly cleaned, I waited in silence for Liu to come back, though i didnt want to deal with anyone here I was seriously starving... Liu soon came back with a pizza box and sat it beside me on the table and sat beside me, and looked at me

"arnt you going to eat?" he wasnt feeding me like he tried before, I looked at him then at the Domino's pizza, it looked hot and fresh.

I reached over and grabbed a large slice and popped it in my mouth, the taste of melted cheese and pepperoni was just so overwhelming and so good, I didnt notice tears rolling down my face as I quickly started eating, Liu noticed this and placed his thumb on my cheek to wipe away the tears "Im sorry I had to do what I did before.......It's kind of mandatory........" I looked back at Liu and wiped my mouth

"what do you mean by mandatory?...." Liu looked down before grabbing a slice of pizza "Damn smiley has me on baby sitting duty over you till he decides what to do with you.....thats why he made it where you cant use your legs right now.....he temporarily numbed them...plus he wants you restrained at all times.....so you wont do nothing to harm yourself or others...".

"Thats ridiculous! As if I could fight a whole bunch of you...." Liu smiled as he fed her some food, "now your getting the idea!" (End POV)

Once Liu was finished feeding Kandi, he rolled her back to her room upstairs and untied her and placed her in bed, "sleep well" he smirked before shutting the door leaving Kandi to sigh before she felt light headed and dizzy "wh-what's going on......why do I feel so strange...?" She asked herself as the room spun around her, the last thing she saw was a blue masked person standing in front of her before everything went black.


The past few weeks have been so rough, learning to walk again, learning to use her hands again, most of the time someone would purposely push her over just to get a laugh, Kandi was soon breaking...going from her normal cheerful self to this person who was numb all over and becoming a pushover, it was the only way for her to survive a mansion full of killers.

One day while she was beginning to walk on her own and getting the hang of it, Ben thought it would be funny as he pushed her out of his way, though he had more then plenty of room to walk around, he just wanted to see the tears fall from her eyes as he smirked yet again, As Kandi balled up her fists something inside her snapped, as she stood up and punched him hard in the face, knocking him over from shock,

This only made things worse as Jeff who she didn't notice was close by grabbed her hand by the neck, slamming her back hard into a wall and got in her face, "you best learn your place slave! this place isnt made for making enemies!" Jeff pulled out his knife as his smile grew bigger (if that was even possible)

and made a small but deep cut down her chest making her hiss out in pain as she closed her eyes tightly, soon dropping to the floor like a pile of useless rags and hid her face as she cried in her hands, she felt so alone and so useless here, all she wanted to do was run away but found it hard as she had been collared with a built in shock device, if she even stepped foot out the door she would be shocked badly.

She soon learned that keeping her mouth shut and submitting was key to survival and not being punished by Jeff, her body was already covered in old and fresh scars from her last punishment,

Kandi was in the kitchen, washing the dishes that Jeff had made her do, Kandi sighed as she scrubbed at a frying pan and looked out the window that had a perfect view of the woods, as Kandi kept scrubbing she didnt notice Liu walking into the kitchen, earning her to jump in shock as he slid his arms around her waist from behind

"has anyone told you you look so naughty bent over that sink and make washing dishes look so naughty?" It wasn't Liu, it was her worst nightmare, the one person who scared her besides Jeff.

"S-Sully...." Kandi stuttered out as she felt his grip on her waist loosen as she turned around seeing him smirking at her as he held a beer in his hands, "expecting somebody else, sweet cheeks?" Kandi looked at him, seeing the mischief on his face as his eye flashed a bright green, She couldn't back up since she was already pressed up on the sink,

I...I didnt expect...to see you.....I...I thought you were gone, " Sully, chuckled as he popped the cap off his beer, landing on the floor as he took a drink and pointed his beer at the floor, "you missed a spot, toots...I suggest picking it up"

Kandi looked down at the bottle cap and sighed as she walked over to grab the broom only to have it yanked out of her hands by Sully, "Did I say to use the broom?, no that would be to simple, since your still learning to use those pathetic muscles of yours, why dont you bend over and pick it up?"

Kandi blushed, as she sighed and slowly bent over, hanging onto the side of the sink with one hand, she felt a set of eyes burning into the back of her as she shivered and picked up the bottle cap and stood back up and walked over to the trash can and tossed it away and turned back around to wash the dishes.

"You know, these scars compliment your figure quit well, maybe I should add some of my own to show who you really belong to.." Sully said as he pulled out his knife and smirked as he wrapped a arm around her neck, holding her close to his body as she whimpered and squirmed in his tightly grip,

"Keep struggling and I might miss and stab something important doll face" Sully smirked as he felt Kandi slowly stop moving in his grip and placed the knife by her neck, hearing her whimpers and her quivering body only made him grin and he moved his face close to the side of her neck, inhaling her scent.

"You smell so much better when your afraid, " Kandi whimpered as she felt a sharp pain by the side of her neck, the feeling of warm liquid dripping down her neck and the smell of copper made her want to gag as something wet and warm slid up her neck,

"You even taste better....hmmm now I see why my foolish brother chose to kidnap you.....to bad for him you belong to me and only me, " Liu grinned as he started carving into her side of her chest, he let her limp body fall to the floor soaking in her own blood as he licked his knife, "You will forever belong to me sweet face, and if you even try to sneak off with someone else, you'll be punished far worse then what Jeff has done to you"

(Kandi's POV) I watched as Sully walked away as he left me on the floor covered in my blood, I pulled myself off the floor and slowly walked upstairs to my room and to the bathroom to see the fresh cuts on my neck and the carved initials 'S/L' on the side of my chest,

I sighed as I ran warm water in my sink and grabbed a wash rag and soaked it before gently cleaning my wounds, the stinging pain rushed through my body as i bit my lower lip, "Why me?...." I asked myself as I looked at the cuts, unaware I had someone watching me, "Kandi....."

the familiar voice made me turn quickly on my heels in panic as I saw Sully by the door, but something was different, his eyes weren't bright green, and didnt look menising anymore, "Liu.....you startled me....." Liu leaned on the door way, his eyes widen in shock once seeing the fresh cuts on her neck and chest and hurried over to her seeing the carved initials on my chest,

"Sully......" he whispered loud enough for me to hear as I watched him ball his fists before he took a deep breath and grabbed some gauze and bandages from my medicine cabinet.

"Im.....sorry he did this......did he hurt you besides this?....." he asked as I sat on my toilet to let him help me, "no......" was all I said as I watched him bandage my neck and chest, "I guess im glad he didnt do much more damage to you....." this shocked me to the extreme, did Liu admit he cared for me?

as if he could read my thoughts Liu smirked as he finished mending my wounds, "dont go around with a swelled head, Im just glad he didnt kill you....because if he did.....I wouldn't be able to do this..." without warning Liu leaned close to me and kissed me deeply, my eyes widen in total shock as chills ran up my spine,

his lips pressed into mine felt so amazing, and warm.... 'Wait, why am I thinking this way?! hes one of them, he dont care about you!' I thought to myself as he broke the kiss, a small blush came across his face as he looked at me, I could of sworn I saw what looked like passion and caring in his eyes but that was before someone called for him in the hallway, making him sigh

"there's more where that came from" he leaned back up and walked out before winking at me, leaving me alone blushing like mad and frozen as i went over everything that just happend, (end POV)

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Jeff The Killer

Kandi was giving permission to go outside a few months later once she had proven herself to not run away, but she was now forced to wear a tracking device on her wrist to make sure if she ever did run away the proxies could easily find her and bring her back, later that beautiful afternoon she watched as a few of the killers trained in the back yard the proxies ran track while everyone else worked on their killing skills.

Kandi sighed as she sat in the grass beside smile dog who kept her company, "Can you think of something as beautiful as this day?" Kandi asked as she took grabbed her sketch book that was given to her from her old home along with some other belongings such as clothes, toiletries and books and a few stuffies she kept on her bed, "Yeah....I could be inside chewing on my leg bone from Jeff's last kill,

instead im out in this horrid heat watching a human,..." Kandi looked at Smile dog and blushed, they wernt really friends but they tolerated one another.

Kandi looked back at the woods and began sketching, something about them made her feel at peace but she was never allowed in them without someone taking her, the woods were known to be a very dangerous place to be alone, especially if you were a human, things such as the rake and far worse always lurked in there.

Kandi sighed as she finished her drawing and placed her sketch book down and looked around seeing she was alone, everyone must of went inside or went out killing, finally she was alone....or at least she thought she was, until she heard heavy foot steps approach her from behind, she tilted her head back seeing Jeff smirking down at her, "well...well...well...looks like we are all alone for once, might as well take advantage before everyone comes back!"

he grinned causing some blood to ooze from his cuts, Jeff grabbed Kandi by the upper part of her arm roughly, dragging her into the woods.

"Jeff.....I...I dont think this is a good idea....theres......monsters in there!" Kandi stuttered as she tried to keep up with his pace, Jeff only rolled his wide eyes as he walked into the woods without a care, "pfft! as if I'm scared of a few creatures of the night! besides they dont come out during the day so stop being such a pussy and keep quiet" they kept walking what felt like hours till they stopped in the middle of a clearing,

it was something that looked like it belonged in a fairy tale, one large weeping willow stood in the middle of the clearing as the only sunlight beamed through its many drooping branches causing a ray like effect to the place.

(Kandi's POV) I couldn't believe that someone like Jeff would take me here, let alone come to something as beautiful or know about this place, it felt so peaceful and relaxing, making me almost forget that Jeff had a tight grip on my shoulder, until he slammed my back hard into the tree with a smirk on his disgusting face, "J-Jeff.....wh-what are you-"

he cut me off by pulling out his knife and placing the sharp end of it to the side of my mouth, "Did I say you could speak pet?" I felt horrified as my body shook as I slowly shook my head and kept quiet, Jeff smirked as he leaned close to me only to stop as his eyes were locked on my chest, making me shivers as he noticed Sully's marking,

"So.....My own pathetic big brother already claimed you did he?.......heh, well pet, you wont belong to him for long" Before I could say anything Jeff shoved a cloth in my mouth and tied it tight before placing the knife into my neck, not puncturing the skin but enough to where he could in a second.

"Do not move from this spot or so help me god if you do.....I'll make sure you never frown again and never see the light of day, ever again" the thought of what he would do made me nauseous as i nodded my head and kept still as Jeff moved his knife away from my neck and walked behind the tree, the sound of shuffling and leaving being moved around and stepped on was the only sounds that could be heard around me,

shortly I felt what could be ropes being tied around my wrists and yanked tightly and roughly behind my back, I looked back at him and watched him as he was wrapping and tieing ropes all around my body tightly, I had no idea what in the hell this maniac was doing or had in store for me,......but i didnt like it.

Jeff soon walked in front of me and smirked as he then kicked my legs under me making me fall hard on the ground, not caring i had dirt on my face or leaves in my hair he held an end of the rope in his hand as he knelt down and lift my chin in his cold hand, "Your in for such a surprise my little pet, but first.....you need to be punished for letting my brother try to claim you, if you belong to anyone its me"

with that being said, he stood up and with ease he pulled the rope sending me into the air and hanging by a large branch, I was sure i was high enough to probably break my neck but was face to face with Jeff who looked like he was grinning even more as blood dripped from his mouth,

"Dont you look so adorable, so useless, unable to scream as i cut and beat that pretty flesh of yours, but of course my idiotic brother had to taint that skin of yours with his initials, so now I have to make you beautiful so I can ignore that ugly part of you."

Jeff soon pushed my bondage body with one finger, making me sway back and fourth as i whimpered through the gag, scared out of my mind of what he would do to me, Jeff walked back around the tree and soon came back into view with something that looked like a wooden bat hung over his shoulder, making my eyes widen in pure fear as i tried to speak through the gag, making Jeff laugh in pure insanity,

"You should seriously see your face, its fucking priceless!" Jeff reached over to remove my gag, grinning as if expecting me to beg for my life, which I did just that, "Jeff, please! dont do this.....I-Im sorry! It wasnt my fault...S-Sully-" "Sully?..." Jeff cut me off as his expression went from amused to pure rage as he balled his fists, tighting his grip on the bat,

"So......Sully did this huh? well then that changed everything......but Im still going to claim you, to make sure he knows whos boss." Jeff placed the gag back over my mouth and pulled down my shirt to show my stomach and pulled out his knife once again, "Dont worry Pet, this will only hurt alot!"

with that he stabbed his knife into my bare stomach as I let out a muffed scream as I closed my eyes tightly, the sound of ripping and tearing flesh filled my ears as he carved patterns into my stomach, so much blood dripped onto my face and the ground below me.

Once I thought my punishment was over I realized it was only starting, as Jeff walked back in front of me and licked the bloody knife and picked up the bat once he shoved the knife in his hoody pocket, Without warning a powerful and painful blow hit me over the stomach making me cough up blood on the gag, I slowly opend my eyes to see Jeff throwing another blow this time to my ribs,

a sickening cracking sound echoed through the opening as I let out a muffled cry in pain as tears dripped down my cheeks,

another blow to the stomach,

another to the chest,

one more to the side of my ribs,

I was exhausted and weak as I hung there, (End POV)

Jeff dropped the bloody bat and slowly pulled Kandi close to his face, leaning down his rough and leathery lips crashed into hers, the kiss was rough and emotionless, once breaking the kiss he looseness the rope, slowly bringing Kandi down into his arms, he easily cut the ropes and carried her limp and beaten body bridal style back to the mansion without out another word,

Once to the mansion Jeff walked her to her bathroom and sat her on the toilet as he started a warm bath, adding bath beads and salts and bubbles, he simply undressed her and tossed her clothes clothes to the side, Kandi at this point didnt even care anymore, all she wanted to do was leave this place and world, she felt so alone.

The warm water stung but felt so amazing as he placed her body in the water, grabbing a wash rag and gently washing off the dried blood on her belly and face, Kandi didnt bother thanking him or even uttering a word to him, she only kept her knees close to her chest and her eyes down at the soapy water, she flinched as she felt his hot breath on her ear,

"you will always belong to me, nobody else" and softly kissed the side of her neck before standing up "I'll leave some clothes on your bed, once your finished, get dressed" with that he walked out and shut the door, leaving Kandi alone and was able to finally unwind and relax as she sank into the water and sighed as she closed her eyes.

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Ticci Toby (forced Lemon!)

Life has most defiantly been tough, living with a mansion full of killers, being punished for things that arnt Kandi's fault, she thought maybe today would be one of those days where she could have one day to herself and actually relax, nobody asked her to do their chores, or use and abuse her, or scare her, it was kind of nice! She sat in her room on her bed watching tv, she smiled as she watched one of her favorite shows while laying on her bed,

she was soon distracted from her show when someone knocked on the door, Kandi got up and answered it only to be shocked once she saw who it was, "Toby.........can I help you with something?" Toby and her never really talked or hung out, since Liu/Sully and Jeff had been busy fighting over her for the past week.

"Yeah.....I was wondering if you would like to......come to my room for a little bit......I got this new resident evil game and I thought.........you would like to be my player two?" Kandi looked at Toby, he had his mouth guard and Goggles on, she didnt think she ever saw his face without them on but shrugged and nodded, "sure Toby, I'd love to!" Kandi turned off her tv and followed Toby to his room which was also shared with the other proxies,

she walked through the door and soon regretted it, everywhere under the left bunk were photos of her, photos of her sleeping, eating, bathing, exercising, even photos of her in school and at her old home! "T-Toby.....wh-what is going on?....." the door soon slammed shut and locked

as she quickly turned around seeing Toby standing by the door swinging a key around his finger, She looked back at his bed and even saw a shirt of hers as a pillow case and one of her favorite stuffied animals!

"Toby.........." once she turned around she found herself soon laying on her back in his bed with him on top of her, he straddled her hips as he reached over to the dresser and pulled out a set of hand cuffs and cuffed her hands to the bed frame, he then started taking off his goggles then his face mask making Kandi gasp in shock, "T-Toby......." Toby then placed a finger on her lips to shush her,

"You have no idea how badly I been waiting for this....." he purred softly as he leaned down to her neck and slowly licked up and down the side of her neck, making her shiver and softly moan which surprised the both of them, "I can give you everything that Liu and Jeff cant" he whispered seductively as he softly bit her ear, "Toby.....please......I....I dont want to get in trouble again......"

Toby leaned back and began taking off his jacket and muscle shirt, showing his perfectly built body, "What they dont know what kill them, besides your my little secret, my secret play thing, my secret world, my dirty little secret" he purred more as he slowly grinned his hips into hers causing her to softly moan out as she blush as she looked away in disgust,

"Dont fight it, baby butter, we both know you like this, I like this.....why fight it, just give in and submit to me"

Kandi blushed more, as much as she hated to admit it this was the most pleasure she had ever gotten, plus she was also a virgin... she gasped once she heard the sound of a zipper sliding down and realize he was unzipping her mini shorts that Jeff had brought her, most of her clothes he brought were pretty revealing and trashy looking, "Toby......pl-please....stop....i...im not ready......"

Toby soon stopped once the zipper was fully down and looked up at her "Are you saying that.......your a virgin?......" Kandi blushed even more, This made Toby smirk as he leaned down to suck on her neck, "Then I'll make it special and ill be.....very....gentle...." he purred as he reached over to the stereo on the dresser which started playing Marilyn Manson Tainted Love and had it blasting,

he pulled out a small pocket knife and ran it across her swollen breasts before slicing her top in half making her squeak in embarrassment and shock.

he began to unbutton her shorts and started pulling them down when Kandi locked her legs together, "Toby...please....th-this isnt right...." This made Toby glare and growl as he forced her legs apart and yanked her shorts down and smirked at her white lace thong, running the blade softly over her covered womanhood making her whimper and her thighs twitch,

"Good girl, do as your told and you wont get punished" he leaned up and undone his jeans showing his red boxers and a large bulge as he leaned back down running his hands gently but firmly over her breasts, leaning close and licking and sucking on each one before taking the knife and cutting it off, this only made Kandi struggle under him and look away as a few tears rolled down her face,

Toby noticed this and smiled gently "dont cry princess, the first time is always the most painful but it only hurts for a few seconds, then you'll be begging for more in no time" he wiped her tears away with his thumb before moving down to her breasts and start sucking nipping at her nipples, forcing a lustful moan to escape Kandi's mouth.

Toby smirked as he cut off her thong and blushed as he stared her her bare womanhood, the bulge in his pants only grew and throbbed as he bit his lip, Kandi had no idea wither she should allow this or let this just happen, it wasn't as if she had a chose, She looked away and prayed for someone to burst through the door and stop this, he ran the sharp end of the knife across her womanhood

making her whimper and squirm from the sharp metal, it wasn't enough to cut her but it was sharp enough to know it could do some damage, he then pulled down his boxers and smirked "you ready princess?" Kandi whimpered as she looked away from him praying harder someone would help her, even Jeff or Sully or even Liu, she didnt care,

as long as she was away from this, just when his man hood stopped at the entrance of hers, the door flew off the hinges as if her prayers have been answered.

"I believe you have something of ours..." Toby growled as he snapped his head back and pulled up his boxers and jeans "man you are seriously a cock block, you know that Woods?" Sully smirked as he crossed his arms, "only when my property is taken from us, now I suggest handing her over otherwise that micro chocolate chip between your legs will be a snack to SeedEater...." (Damn Sully that was savage!)

Toby growled as he stood up and glared, "you want the key so bad?....then be a good boy and fetch!" he yelled as he tossed the keys over his head and into the bathroom and right into the sink that went down the drain! This only made Sully ball his fists as he started laughing "that was a foolish mistake Rogers......"

Toby glared and without notice Sully ran at him punching him hard in the face, not even giving him a chance to fight back, this was a side of Liu/Sully she never seen before! each swing cause Toby to bleed out, he wasnt even putting up a fight, which was kind of sad because he was different from all the killers, he was more like the slow one in the group, and the push over,

once Sully was finished with Toby he stood up breathing heavy and looked over at Kandi who coward away as much as possible, Sully walked over and took out his knife and began picking at the lock, "fucking Rogers taking my property.....hes fucking lucky im not allowed to kill him and snap his damn neck!..."

the lock on the cuffs finally clicked, releasing her and without thinking she hugged him, she felt so scared of what was about to happen and Sully was the one to save her life, Sully was shocked and stiffen up as he felt her wrap her arms around his waist and sob into his chest, he did not expect this at all! what was he suppose to do? soon Liu took over once again and held her close to him,

"shush, its alright now, your safe.....I wont let this creep or anyone ever hurt you again.....I promise...." he then took off his hoodie and wrapped it around her and picked her up bridal style and walked her to his room and locked the door so nobody would bother them as he layed her on his bed and pulled the covers over her body and fell asleep beside her as he held her close to his body,

at this point Kandi didnt even care, she couldn't believe she was saved by another killer, she yawned as her eyes began getting heavy and the next thing she knew she was soon feel asleep in his arms. (Oh man! that was seriously brutal and extreme! I seriously hoped you like this chapter!)

A Creepy Halloween! (Short)

:Y/F/C :your favorite costume (Its almost that time of the month!.............where everyone celebrates the Spooktacular season we call Halloween! I must warn you, this story is based off a true story, about all kinds of killers, one Victim and tons of spooky trick or treating! Mhwhahahahahh!!!!)

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!" you yelled as you ran don the mansion stairway wearing (y/f/c), The killers looked up from whatever they were doing and looked at your costume, "Y/N, you look.........interesting" E.J said as he had his mask to the side of his face so you were able to see his eye holes and gray skin, "Thank you!, so who's ready to go out and get candy?!"

the killers looked at one another in shock and confusion, loud squealing was heard from the top of the stairs as an overly excited Sally ram running down in a sparkly fairy costume.

"Sally, you look adorable!" you said as you grinned, Jeff watched this and sighed, "might as well, other wise we will never hear the end of it from those two.....besides this is the only night we can go as our selfs and really get some trick or treating done" he smirked as a few others chuckled, "Fine, we will go trick or treating," Ben said as he paused his video and smirked as he high fived Jeff,

after about half an hour you all were out walking around in town, you all got a large bag full of candy and soon stood in the center of the suburban lot, "Alright, listen up!" Jeff Demanded, "Me, E.J, Ben, Masky, and Hoody will go one way, you and Sally go the other way, we all will meet up back here at midnight" You grinned as you and Sally nodded and walked the other way from the guys,

thinking they were going off to get more candy, Jeff smirked as he reached in his bag and pulled out a bloody knife, "Let's get this party started, the right way!" the male killers cheered as they ran the other way killing and stealing other people's candy.

twelve midnight struck and you and Sally were the only ones at the spot you all agreed to meet back at, "You think their coming back?" Sally asked as she looked in her over full bag of candy, "Im sure they are....they probably took the long way" fifteen minutes went by and soon you saw the guys walking over to you, covered in blood and carrying a now extremely full bags of candy and god knows what else!

"Were you guys on a killing spree all night?!" you glared at Jeff who was the most bloody and grinned, "Come on babe, you know this is the only month we can go out and be ourselves, besides we made it up to you and got a years supply of candy" You looked at the bags and he was right, instead of regular shopping bags, they all had large pillow cases over full of candy!

"I guess I cant stay mad at you then, you did make it up to us..." Jeff wrapped a arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him and smirked before planting a rough kiss on your soft lips, "Good, now lets head back and sort threw this bitch while watching horror movies all night!"

you all headed back and sat on the floor by the tv, sorting through the thousands of candy and trading, it was the most best Halloween you had ever had and couldn't wait for next year! ( THE END)

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