Who Do You Think You Are?
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foreverobsessed Arrow obsession? Pfft, it's a lifestyle
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When The Hood needs some tech help, he goes to the best person he knows.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Felicity relaxed on her couch, sighing in frustration. It had been another long day at QC and while Felicity loved her job there, how hard was it to check that the monitor was plugged in before they called IT support when their computer wouldn't turn on.

She shook her head as she dove into her mint choc-chip ice-cream once more, trying to pay attention to the random movie she had found.

With all the lights in the apartment turned off when there is a particularly dark scene in the movie, the TV becomes somewhat of a mirror and Felicity think she sees a figure standing in her bedroom doorway behind her.

She shakes her head thinking it's just her imagination playing tricks. She looks over her shoulder quickly not really expecting to see anything there.

And jumps from the couch in fright when she realises that she is wrong and there is someone standing there.

She turns to face the stranger and holds her spoon out in front of her like it is some dangerous weapon. "Woah."

"I'm not going to hurt you Felicity." His synthesised voice answers as he holds his arms out to the side of his body, showing that he means no harm.

"Right, like I'm going to believe you." Felicity rolls her eyes, not relaxing her stance one bit. "And how do you know my name? Or better yet, how do you know where I live?"

"I need your help." He tells her, clearly ignoring the questions she has just thrown at him.

"And why would I help you?" "You come highly recommended." And though it's hard to tell with the synthesiser on, Felicity thinks she can hear a smile in his voice.

"Of course I do. I'm the best." Felicity answers simply with a shrug. "Doesn't change the fact that I'm not sure I should help you in whatever shady dealings you have going on. Let's face it, we're probably talking illegal as well."

"You like a challenge." He points out. Felicity isn't sure if she should be impressed or annoyed with his confident tone. She goes with annoyed.

"Who do you think you are? You can't just waltz in here and assume you know me." Felicity retorts, waving her hand in the direction he came from. "I didn't waltz. I came in through the window."

"You what?" Felicity glares, placing her hands on her hips trying to look intimidating. "You left your bedroom window unlocked. You shouldn't do that by the way." He points back into the room.

Felicity chooses to ignore that the vigilante, of all people, just gave her safety advice. "You know that's breaking and entering right?"

"I didn't break anything. It was unlocked." "That's still considered a break buddy. Opening a window is breaking the seal of the house."

Even without being able to see his face, Felicity knows that he is wearing a confused expression at her words so she rambles on.

"I read a lot and watch a lot of crime shows. You know, with all the felonies you commit you should probably be more on top of all the legal speak."

"Will you help me or not?" He asks, once again ignoring her. "You haven't actually told me what you need my help with." Felicity reasons.

He gives a small nod before reaching for an arrow in his quiver, making sure to hold his bow far away so she can see that he isn't planning on using it. He holds the arrow up for her to see.

"I think everyone not living under a rock knows that they are your weapon of choice. I'm pretty sure you know what to do with that. Why do you need my help?"

"This one's a bit different." He admits, reaching out as if to hand it to her. But with almost 2 feet between them, plus a couch, that wasn't going to happen.

"Ok." Felicity sighs as she waves him over, giving him her permission to approach so that she could look at the thing. He walks closer, coming around the couch so they are now standing face to face.

She notices that he slightly drops his head so that his face remains in the shadow of his hood. She can't really see his features but she does notice a rather defined jaw covered with a light spattering of facial hair.

Now that it's in her hands and she can get a closer look at it, she sees that the arrow has something attached to the end of it. At her questioning glance he explains. "It's a recording device. I'm looking into something."

"This isn't going in someone right? Because I don't think it's going to work after that." "Don't worry Felicity." He assures her laying a hand on her shoulder, but he doesn't elaborate on what he is planning on doing with the arrow.

Felicity throws him a look before taking a seat on the couch so she can work on the arrow head. Out of the corner of her eye, Felicity sees the vigilante take a seat beside her on the couch.

He silently watches as she grabs a small tool kit from under her coffee table and proceed to pull apart the recording device so she can get to the wiring. It looks complicated with wires going every which way, but Felicity confidently works on the thing.

"So what do I call you?" Felicity attempts to strike up a conversation with the hooded mystery next to her. He doesn't answer so Felicity pushes.

"Oh come on. You clearly know my name. That should go both ways." Felicity motions between the two of them. Again, he doesn't answer.

"Fine." Felicity huffs, turning back to her work. "I'll make one up then shall I? You clearly like pointy things so how about – Point?" "No." he responds with a scoff.

"Well what about the get up." She indicates his outfit. "You have a thing for green so – Jade?" "That a girl's name." he dismisses immediately.

Felicity shrugs. "What would you suggest then? Something original like Arrow?" "Yes." He agrees quickly.

"Of course your name would be Arrow." Felicity hands him back the arrow with the now working recording device. "All done."

"Thank you." He acknowledges as he takes the arrow from her, his gloved hand briefly coming into contact with her long fingers.

Being this close to him, Felicity can faintly smell his scent of leather and sweat, and something else that she can't pinpoint so must just be uniquely him.

"Anytime." Felicity nods as she watches him walk back to her bedroom. "I mean not 'any' time. Like don't come around at 3 in the morning because I'd be asleep." She corrects.

Felicity thinks she hears a chuckle come from the Arrow, but with the synthesiser masking his natural tone she can't be sure.

"Bye Oliver." Felicity bids farewell. Oliver freezes for a fraction of a second but then he is walking away, neither confirming nor denying what Felicity has correctly guessed.

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