Somethings are nothing


     Somethings are nothing  sad stories

foreverlover summer depression is coming up ...yay :(
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our something was nothing

Somethings are nothing

you hurt me like really hurt me and right now it feels like some type of fatal injury that will never heal . You made me feel happy and special but in the end I was never special to you

You made me feel something when you knew i felt nothing then took it away when I felt something and then just left .like it was nothing like we were nothing ,like I was nothing to you, and it hurts because you were more than something to me, you were my everything.

I think about you all the time, I think about what we couldve been . you are laced inside my mind, theres not a day that goes by where I dont think about you and i know it's wrong but everything has changed .I'm just hurt and scared and I feel these emotions at once and I cant handle it , sometimes I try to cry it out but it just hurts more .

I used to wonder if you thought about me or what we couldve been but I stopped wondering because it gave me hope and I shouldn't have hope in something that was a nothing.

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