But I Still Love You
                But I Still Love You sad stories

forest7 The broken nib of a pencil writes....
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My first poem :))

But I Still Love You

And all the nights that we spent together, Do they mean nothing to you? Our time to spend that we’d labelled ‘forever’ Turned in moments to few.

Wasn’t that but ages ago? Our love now I can forego All the loving promises we made, Are now to me just a jape.

“And any reason why?” Asked she calmly, Though her eyes had begun to water “None at all”, he replied blandly, Though his voice now had begun to falter.

She did not notice the breaking of his voice For she had already made her choice Feebly she said, “Then let’s separate. ” The boy looked at her, disconsolate.

Tears shed like the leaves of a tree, Framed as morning dew Was there perhaps someone for me Better than you?

This she thought with a broken heart, As their hands on the bridge did part The rain poured down but neither cared. To say “But I still love you”, neither dared.

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