Why I haven’t been posting much lately
Why I haven’t been posting much lately  sorry stories

football_girl Im not super active rn but I still care💛
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A disappointing explanation

Why I haven’t been posting much lately

Hi everyone!

So I haven't really been posting a lot lately, and I decided you guys need an explanation. Although to be honest, it's nothing exciting.

Basically I just started back at school again, and I've been super busy. At my school we usually get like 3-4 homework assignments a NIGHT, plus I don't get home till around 4:45 ish.

And along with spending time with friends and family, playing sports and just relaxing, I haven't had a lot of time to write (other than the weekends).

On another note, some sad news, those of you who I said I would do drawings for, I’m afraid chances are I am probably not going to complete them, and if I do it may take a long time. I’m really sorry about that. Similarly I’m not taking anymore drawing requests, until probably the Christmas holidays. I’m sorry if I let you down.

But the good news is, now I have a 3-day weekend, so hopefully I will at least finish the next birthmarks chapter (which has been taking FOREVER)!

Anyway, hope yall understand, have a great day!

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