Silent Sorrows
Silent Sorrows sorrow stories

fookishima Community member
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Fear runs through my veins at this very moment.

Silent Sorrows

Fear runs through my veins at this very moment. My pulse is racing. My palms are sweating. All i can feel is turmoil in the pit of my stomach. All because i fear one thing.

loosing you...i dont want to loose you...but one thing comes to mind...a thought that never occured until now. A thought i had pushed asside cause my faith in us had me standing strong.

But little did you had broken that faith...and instilled fear into me...fear at my very core. What if push comes to shove...what if you dont want to be with me cause of where fate places me...

Even though we can then have our freedom and run to eachother whenever we please...even though life will be easier then what we face now

It will still be hard...for we may not be able to hold eachother whenever we please....or laugh into eachothers eyes whenever we please....what do we do then...will destiny carve out the path we're meant to walk...or will destiny tear us apart before we even begin?

I can't help but think one thing...if we really want eachother...why dont we fight, and write our own book....? Lets go against the odds...and do what our hearts tell us to do.

Im ready to put all my energy towards you...are you willing to do the same, my love?

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