Why do I try?
Why do I try? sad stories
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foodloverticks Community member
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why do I try anymore when i know I'm going to come to the same conclusion

Why do I try?

Why do you ignore me for days on end?

Is there something stopping you from hitting send?

Or do you just not wanna talk?

Are you just not interested in being my rock?

If so that's okay

I just need to hear you say

That you want me to go home

And leave you alone

I need you to break my heart

So that i can have a new start

And stop playing this stupid game

Maybe even get rid of some of this pain

Nothing hurts more

Than when you show me a closed door

I don't care what you say

I just wanna talk to you today

Without the fear

That you will disappear

I never know if its because of me

Or something i can't see

Should i reach out

Even tho im not the one you're about

Or give you your space

Even tho you are my safe place

I wish i knew what you meant

And what you thought of our time spent

Will we only ever be friends

Talking about the latest trends

Will i ever have a chance

Will i ever take you on a dance

Or will i forever be stuck in your trance

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