Who am I?
Who am I? sad stories
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foodloverticks Community member
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In this poem i write about how others see me vs how i see myself. its about how i see the world vs how others see me.

Who am I?

A classic stoner

Who enjoys being a loner

You can't make her sad

Not even her dad

She makes everything out to be a joke

Even when she cant toke

She always has something to say

Every single day

But this is just what people see

They don't know the real me

They don't know my pain

I only show my gain

I smoke weed

So that i don't have to bleed

People think they know scars

So instead i buy jars

To keep me safe when i'm alone

You see you only know my clone

Every day im sad

You know on the days that i'm not mad

You see im trapped

I need to adapt

I can't get over my past

I feel as if i've always finished last

It's always been a fight

To get someone to show me the light

You see i'm nobody's first choice

Even my dad chose the bitch with the angelic voice

So i say something dumb

So that nobody knows i'm glum

But i don't actually have anything to say

At least not today

Because nobody will listen

They don't want to see you glisten

Nor do they care

They just want to know what you can share

Nobody looks deep

Deep enough to see you don't sleep

They don't think about these lines

They don't care about the signs

The signs that im lost

And i don't care what it costs

To be found

To feel safe and sound

Noone cares about the other meaning

Even tho im screaming

Noone will ever hear me

Because they don't care to see

That i need

To be freed

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