What does it mean to be okay?
What does it mean to be okay? sad stories
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foodloverticks Community member
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I haven't been okay since he passed, but now I'm completely broken. Will I ever be okay again?

What does it mean to be okay?

What does it mean to be okay?

Is it just something that we say

Its something people always ask me

And I know that I'm not

I don't even know how to be

You see I'm dealing with a lot

There were a few days

Where I felt like I made it out of this maze

It was when I used to talk

To this amazing girl

She's so much fun to mock

She's precious, like a pearl

But she will never love me

And that's something that I need to see

But that's a problem for another day

For she's the only one

Who can show me okay

But she's also the one who makes me feel done

Ever since my grandfather passed

I've been telling myself it won't last

I've been putting on a smile

Saving the truth for these lines

I haven't opened up in a while

So I come back to these rhymes

It's the only thing that's always here

When I can't help but shed a tear

My dog just doesn't understand

And people don't care

They live in their own land

Anything else is rare

They will pretend they do

Just so they can hurt you

It's why I've stopped talking

Since the day

That I started locking

Locking my doors

And crying on the floor

You see since the day

She finally broke me

And now I don't know if I'll ever be okay

Or if I'll still be on my knees, next time I plant a tree

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