The demon staring back at me
The demon staring back at me sad stories

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just a poem where I let my thoughts loose about everything

The demon staring back at me

Why am I always alone?

Why am I always in pain?

Why do I fear the unknown?

In so many ways I can't explain

Why am I scared to be me?

Why am I scared to be free?

Why wont anyone see

The demon staring back at me?

I wanna know that life gets better

Through every low

My high is seeing my dog in a cute sweater

I'm tired of being mad

I'm tired of being sad

I'm tired of thinking about what I had

And most of all I'm tired of being glad

For everyone

But myself

I'm tired if trying to outrun

The demon in myself

I wanna be me

I wanna be free

I wanna show my demons who I can be

Maybe it'll make the demon easier to see

I'm never alone

Because this demon will never leave

But ill never truly feel at home

As long as everyone carries tricks up their sleeves

As long as everyone keeps telling lies

And leaving me to wonder why

Some people will teach you how to fly

Just to stop you from reaching the sky

Why do people build you up

Just so they can tear you down

Why do people fill your cup

Just so they can see you drown

Why would anyone pretend to save me

If they don't want me to be free

If they don't wanna know who I can be

If only they could see the demon staring back at me

If only they could hear

All the reasons why the demon is my puppeteer

Maybe than you'd understand why I get high

Maybe then you'd choose to see

The demon staring back at me

Maybe than you'll sit with me

Until I'm ready to set myself free

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