The battle of the anxiety
The battle of the anxiety anxiety stories
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Anxiety vs me who won

The battle of the anxiety

Nobody likes you

Yes they do

How could you possibly be so naive

As if listening to you will help me reach my hopes and dreams

That is exactly what I mean

That is not a healthy direction to lean

Come with me

And I will help you see

Go with you?

I might if anything you were saying was true

You're just in my head

Simply built on what others have said

Exactly I'm just repeating what you know

Don't try and blame when you're feeling low

Don't you see I'm the only one who cares

I'm just trying to answer your prayers

If that were true than how come

You make me feel so dumb

If that were true

Then why do I occasionally feel as if I have the flu

Because you don't listen

You keep trying to be a Christian

This isn't my fault

You made my happiness come to a halt

But was that really me?

You see

I'm the only one who has always been there for you

When you're crying not knowing what to do

You've always made everything worse

You are like a curse

That wont go away

I mean honestly find somewhere else to stay

Here we go again

You've always got a plan

And every time you ran

And every time I picked you up in my van

I shouldn't have to run

This "game" isn't fun

I wanna spend a day under the sun

You know what screw this I'm done

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