Terminal love
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foodloverticks Community member
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What do you do when the only time your'e happy is when your'e with a girl who has a boyfriend...

Terminal love

Man i'm so fucking depressed

This shit has progressed

Skip straight to stage four

I can't take much more

Its like all my personalities are fighting to be with her

But i'm undiagnosed so i can never be sure

But there's one thing i do know

Its that i hate this scenario

Because i'm so in love with you

But you care more about your new shoes

I'm just your friend

No matter my intent

Because you're in love with him

If this were hangman id be on my last limb

If i could go back in time

Id make you mine

Remove my pain

And replace it with gain

I talk to you a lot

Even tho i don't have a shot

I can't leave you alone

Without you my hearts hard as stone

You make me better

Every time my heart flutters

I slowly start to heal

I think I've finally got a good deal

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