Painful Silence
Painful Silence love stories

foodloverticks Community member
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I'm addicted to you but when your'e gone i crash

Painful Silence

Did I do something wrong?

I haven't talked to you in so long

I feel like you only talk to me when it's convenient

I'm not trying to start an argument

I just feel so depressed

cause you bring out my best

But you don't got the time

Please just fuck off with the signs

Please just tell me

What you want me to be

Do you want me to be there

No matter where

Do you want a friend

time we can spend

Do you want me to go

I will feel so low

But anythings better

Even anger

Than this painful silence

I can't stand your absence

I need to get over you

But i don't want too

Because in order to do that

Id have to engage in combat

With my brain

You see id be crushed my the pain

Of having to say goodbye

I'd say i could but that'd be a lie

I don't wanna leave

Cause then i'll have to roll down this sleeve

You see i'm addicted

You make me feel as if i snorted

Some coke

Until you act like this is a joke

And we go back to this painful silence

I'm running outta patience

I don't wanna have to stop

But i don't wanna be your prop

Cause i'd do anything for you

But you can't even tell me you're going to the zoo

You just ignore me

Leave me left at sea

To wonder if i did something wrong

Because i haven't talked to you in so long

I wonder if you know that i can't swim

Or maybe you do and just got bored of tearing me limb by limb

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