My four personalities
My four personalities love stories

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I've been struggling with my mental health and what seems to be multiple personalities who all have there own way of saying i love you

My four personalities

I've got four personalities

And they all love you

You've got these abilities

When it comes to my walls you break through

Number one you know

I smoke weed to forget

My emotions i don't like to show

I'm nobody's threat

Number two i hate the most

I'm like a soldier

If i was stuck at my post

Although you're still my anchor

I'm a sociopath

I struggle to feel

If i was released there'd be a bloodbath

When i'm with you my emotions are real

Number three im proud of

I am a scientist

I'm not tough

Im modest

But confident

I'm good at physics

To me you are still more important

I wish i could hear you tell me about your lipsticks

The last no one knows

Unlike everyone else

I like to let these emotions go

And get outta my house

I like to write

My rhymes

While thinking about you day and night

It's how i spend my time

I'm definitely the one

That's the most in love with you

I know i should run

But i'm not number two

And unlike the rest

I'm not afraid to say

I'm depressed

Fuck being cliche

Im fucking scared

That you might be the one that got away

And my heart won't be spared

But i'm the only one that daresay

So i guess no one will know

How we really feel

Not until we reach another low

But who knows this could be our final meal

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