Living in fear
Living in fear anxiety stories

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If you've ever struggled with your mental health and more specifically anxiety this poem is for you

Living in fear

My life is a prison

And my mind is the key

But what do I do when this cell is all I see

I know this cell has darkness with in

But what lies outside

Is unknown

And this cell is my home

Why do i always hide

Why am i scared to be free?

In a world

Where my thoughts are all swirled

And i promised to plant a tree

I wanna be free

I wanna be alive

I'm tired of just trying to survive

I wanna know what the world has to see

I wanna experience life

For more than this 1 tree

Than 2 trees and soon it'll be 3

I wanna see past this old pocket knife

Why cant I call this watch

My own

God knows I've grown

I no longer feel as if i have to resort to the scotch

Although I've never been one to drink

I mean a little bit here and there

But more than that is rare

But I guess its different when you start to sink

I'm not afraid of water

But this is unique

I'm not unconscious in a creek

There's something in my head that is trying to slaughter

All of my hopes and dreams

Its killing me

While it sits in my tree dangling my keys

That tree is where it likes to sit and scheme

Knowing ill stay away

And keep myself in the cell

Cause then it cant drag me back to hell

Eventually ill get out but its not going to be today

This cell is my home

And I'm not scared of the dark

So it'll have to try again to leave its mark

Then maybe ill buy a lawn gnome

That would be great

A day without it

I've gotta admit

I'm almost afraid to celebrate

I don't want it to come back

Ready for war

Wait... did you hear that?.. that's me cowering on the floor

Its telling me everything I lack

Please make it stop

Its so loud

Its like my heads in a cloud

I feel as if I might pop

Will it ever leave

Will I ever use the key

So I can be free

Ill guess ill have to see what I can achieve

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