I'm scared of the dark
I'm scared of the dark love stories
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foodloverticks Community member
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When you stop texting me and leave me in the dark i tend to get scared as well as depressed

I'm scared of the dark

I cry when you don't text me

for days on end

Start thinking about the rope in that tree

Stopping myself from hitting send

Asking why you hate me

But i know you're just gonna pretend

That you don't know

What i'm talking about

And i'll just go with the flow

Even though i'm filled with doubt

I feel like i'm walking through snow

I feel like I need to shout

I wish you could just be real

I really don't care

If you're favorite colors teal

Or if you only ever spoke to me doing a dare

I just need you to squeal

I can go elsewhere

I just need to know

Your thoughts

Because i feel so low

I don't care if it's just jots

You don't have to be a pro

I don't even care if you have to take a couple shots

Just please

Don't leave me in the dark

Or at least gimme back my keys

At least tell me you lost the spark

Before i fall onto my knees

I'm scared of this dark

So please don't go

You are my light

I need you to glow

You are so bright

You showed me how to grow

But i guess it's time to say goodnight

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