I don't want to dream
I don't want to dream  poetry stories

foodloverticks Community member
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How do you sleep when your life is a nightmare and your dreams are worse?

I don't want to dream

I hate when i dream

I wake up wanting to scream

But its not something ill admit

I guess im scared to commit

So please everyone listen

Assuming this doesn't end up in the bin

These words are my cry for help

I don't know what to do with these cards ive been dealt

I know that life isnt fair

But I still need more time to prepare

Its like every where i look

I have to decide wether to move the pawn or the rook

Oops bad move again

Life never goes to plan

I go to a grocery store and I tick

Then pretend i don't notice all the people looking at me like im sick


Its a trick you learn when you're life is one big complication

Ill make a good joke

Than ill go home and cry while taking a toke

Ill be tired but i wont sleep

Not when my life is so incomplete

I dont want to dream

Just to wake up in my head and scream

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