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why do we cry when a soul is set free? Its a question I've been trying to answer for almost a month now, when I saw the lyrics to the song miss me but let me go by scrum framed in my grandfathers stuff just a few days after he died. in this poem i do my best to answer that question.


Why do we cry when a soul is set free?

Instead I think I might plant a tree

But it won't be real

Because I can't change how I feel

I still want you here

I know you wouldn't want me to shed another tear

You didn't want nights of gloom

You'd want me to use this to bloom

I know that we all must go

Yet I still don't understand why people expect me to glow

How am I supposed to miss you

And let you go too

I'll remember the words that you always said

The things you wanted to teach me before you were dead

I'll hold these closest to my heart

Until we are no longer apart

Every September

I will remember

The poem you framed

And how my feelings are so untamed

But I will plant a tree

To celebrate a soul set free

And although it hurts

When I sleep in your shirts

I don't plan to stop

Because I'll never be able to get another one in the shop

So I guess this is goodbye

In my poems I cant lie

So I wont say this is easy

It's nothing like a b c

Because I love you

And no matter what anybody says its always been true

And that's why I'm going to give it a try


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