Best Friends Forever
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How can i live without my best friend?
Time is something we would always spend
But now im afraid its run out for her
But te vets are still unsure
So this poem is for you
So that hopefully you can understand how much i love you

Best Friends Forever

Im so fucking scared

I never realized I was so unprepared

For my best friend to get old

I remember when we were young and we were running outside in the cold

Its hard to believe youll be eleven in November

Theres so many things i will always remember

From the first ever hamburger we shared

To the day where your life was genourisly spared

Jumping on the trampoline

And loving so hard i missed becoming a teen

Weve changed so much together

Ig its fate that we both ended up skinny as a feather

I just hate seeing you sad

Especially after all of the happy years we had

Youve always been so cheerful

While ive always been fearful

But now your old and starting to get sick

And although youre still this lunatic

Im so scared

We are so perfectly paired

Idk what id do without my puppy dog

I just know my entire world will be engulfed by fog

I hate the sound of the word kidney followed by failure or even disease

When i hear these kinds of words i can do nothing but freeze

My best friend

The one ill love till the end

My first ever dog

With memories so old they are literal fog

And a close family member

If there was a day we werent together i cant remember

It was love at first sight

Im just now realizing weve been lost together all this time and you have always been my light

So i wrote this poem for you

So then one day when youre in heaven youll be able to hear me say i love you too

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