A lesson learned late
A lesson learned late sad stories
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A demon in my left ear an angel in my right but the lesson is learned when i can no longer hear the angel

A lesson learned late

A demon in my left ear

An angel in my right

But the angel i can't hear

Because this demon has brought on such fright

I fall down to my knees

And I cry why me?

It's here on the ground

Where this pen and pad

was found

I pushed it away

I don't want people to know what i say

Because if i don't ask for help

Noone has to pretend they don't hear me

People only care about themselves

They don't even try and see what i see

They don't hear the demon alone

They've got an angel protecting their home

But what happens when she leaves

Will you be safe?

Or will your home get raided by thieves?

This isn't a court case

Because what's left isn't you

I hate to tell you that it's true

You'll get robbed of your happy thoughts

It'll be replaced with pain

You'll start taking shots

So you can still show people gain

You'll be mad

And you'll be sad

You'll be on the floor with me

Hoping for her return

Because she can see what you and I see

And she'll have concern

So learn this lesson well

Because you don't wanna end up in hell

Listen to your angel

And treat yourself right

But don't be afraid to see the other angle

Because all though the future is bright

Some cant see it

Because they are stuck in that pit

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