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followerofbetty Hi I’m new here. Hope my fics are ok
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Kaminari fic because I love him (my first fic!) very fluffy because I think there aren’t enough kaminari fluff x reader fic

Female reader please

What happens when kaminari offers to help you unpack your dorm on your first day at UA

Are you ok?

Hi I’m Kelly and I’ll be your oc for today! Height: 4’9 Hair: as shown in picture Eyes: blue Quirk: ability to freeze things in time or explode them. (Useful when buildings are falling)

Kelly looked down the corridor in front of her she heard loud screaming meaning someone was probably angry in there. She walked to the door that read “1A” she was super nervous but wanted to just get it over with so she opened the door calmly . Little did she know what she’d see next…

You saw what looked to be a boy landing at your feet groaning in pain and another boy who looked like he just punched him, hard. You reached a hand down for the boy as people kept chatting almost not noticing you. “Hi I’m Kelly, are you ok?” The boy looked up and shyly took your hand “H-hi I’m deku I-I mean izuku nice to meet you” You helped the boy up slowly as not to hurt him more “I’ll be fine” he said while slowly starting to limp out of the class “you sure?” “Yeah I’ll just go to the recovery girl see you later!”

“Hello you must be Kelly the new student” “A!” You jumped around a little explosion coming from your feet as you did “sorry did I startle you I’m tenya iida I’m class rep hope you enjoy your stay at this school I hope you will…” you zoned out not listening to his rambling as you looked across the class you saw a boy who looked about 6’5. He had really yellow hair with a black streak in it

Iida noticed you staring “that there is denki kaminari” you jumped again more explosions coming from your feet “oh! Ok not like I was looking or anything but ok.” “Sure you weren’t “ he looked at you with confusion “you can sit there beside him if you want it’s the only free seat” “Ok” you walked over and put your bag down

The boy next to you looks up from whatever he’s doing to see you sitting next to him “H-hi I’m kelly mind if I sit here?” “Go ahead I’m denki” “nice to meet you denki” “you too” “Got any notes I can borrow?” “No” the boy said bluntly “Oh ok” you were a confused because he had a copy in front of him

“It’s not that I don’t want to” he said “Huh?” “It’s just well… I’m not very good at the theory side of this you’d probably fail with my notes” he looked sad “So your… academically challenged huh?” He looked at you surprised you even knew what that meant “Well yeah I guess so” he scratched the back of his neck nervously

“I’m academically challenged to!” He looked at you eyes wide “Really?!” “Hell yeah!” He smiled “I have dyslexia” You smiled “I have adhd” you said nervously “Cool” he said calmly looking at you almost studying you “Cool” he repeated almost as if he was hypnotized still staring at you

Aizawa began to teach and introduced you to everyone At the end of class you were going back to your dorms but you had not yet been in yours to unpack so you wondered if your boxes were there

“Can I walk you back to your dorm?..” He asked nervously before giggling “Shortie” “Hey! I’m not short! Shut up!” You blushed “Sure your not” he giggled more You walked beside him back to the dorms

Your room was a complete mess “Hey Kelly are you going to do this by yourself?” He grinned as you looked like you were going to pass out think about all the work you’d have to do “Well yeah I don’t really have a choice do I?”you said quietly

“Well um… I could help you if you want I can lift heavy things like you bed and I can use power tools if you need” he said “Really”you were excited you’d get to spend more time with him “Yeah”he smiled “Thank you!” Without thinking you hugged him tightly “you saved my sleep schedule!” He giggled as you realized that you hugged him you looked mortified

“S-sorry I didn’t mean to…”you were nervous “It’s ok no one has hugged me in ages I kinda needed it and plus your super warm! So no complaints here!” He smiled obviously trying to make you feel better “Thanks” “Welcome let’s get started then shall we?” He opened a box “Ok” you smiled

You spent about 4 hours sorting out your room joking around with your old stuff and giggling when you finished there was only two boxes left one marked “brother” and one marked “mum”

“Hey are these yours they have mum and brother marked on ‘em” you gulped “Yes there mine you can leave them…” shoot he opened one you heard the cardboard scraping as he did you heard a muffled gasp “K-Kelly what are these big wooden boxes for” he gulped You ran into the bed room “Leave them alone! Don’t touch them” he put his hands up playfully

You didn’t know how to tell him they were ashes but you knew you had to you needed to went to someone anyway “H-hey Kelly are you ok?” “I’m fine” tears welled in your eyes “No no no don’t cry it’s ok shhh….” You realized he must know what they are In the boxes were the ashes of your brother (died at war)

And your mother (killed by your father) “Hey, hey shhhh… it’s ok I promise” he was sad to see his new friend crying. he may have been mentally challenged but he definitely knew how to comfort people. You were still crying, heavily on you knees with your hands over your eyes

This is your bedroom now:

Kaminari sits on the edge of the bed “Come here” he pats his lap like you would for a dog but you don’t notice still sobbing He bends down and picks you up making you jump a little “Hey it’s ok” he positions you on his lap and hugs you making you a little calmer But your still sobbing a bit

Surprisingly enough he gets up and takes his shirt off You blush uncontrollably “Hey whatcha looking at huh!” he giggles You stay silent “I’m only taking my shirt off because it makes people calmer getting skin hugs you know it’s a fact!” You giggle as he picks you up to hug you and you wrap your legs around his back

“Feelin better?” He says calmly while you head is resting in the crook of his neck You nod “Wbu?” You ask playfully “I’ve been better tbh…” You look at him shocked he didn’t give you a silly answer “Are you ok??” You ask him as you feel his grip tighten around you “I don’t know am I?”

You are a little confused but get down from his arms anyway Now your the one comforting him “Hey what’s wrong” a look of concern spreads across your face “I just feel like I’m not good enough to be here all you are so good at everything and I feel left out sometimes “

“No no no your way cooler than me kam” you blush at the nickname you just came out with he does to. “I don’t know I guess I’m just a bit insecure about not being able to control my power I wish I was able but I can’t “Hmm..” you think about how to cheer him up

“Hey kam wanna stay over tonight I know it’s really late and all but it could be fun we could watch a movie or something if it would cheer you up hmm?” He blushes a bit because you used the nickname again and nods “Okay let me go get some blankets and pajamas for you out of my closet then I’ll go get snacks and hook up Netflix okay?” He nods standing there blushing like crazy

“You ready kam” he walks out in the pajamas that just fit him nicely “Yeah thank’s” You open your arms but he doesn’t move “Something wrong?” “It’s just if you want me to lay on you that’s not very manly is it?” “Oh”you sigh not knowing where to go from here “Get up”he says “What?”

“I said get up!” He said sternly “No! I’m comfy” you protested “GET UP! RIGHT NOW!” “Is someone grumpy? Huh?” “GETUP! GETUP! GETUP!” he said almost shaking you off the couch then you said those words that would change the outcome of the night to something very fluffy ,very fluffy indeed

“Make Me”

“Fine maybe I will make you he said “And how would you plan on doing that huh?” “I have my methods” He smirked Next thing you know

He jumps on you and starts ticking you and tackling you playfully “No! Hey! S-stop! Kam no! Get off me! Hehe! No!no!no! Hehe” “I’ll get off you if you get up” “Never!” You knew of you tried to fight back he’d roll under you and chuck you off. ugh why does he have to know hero moves!

“Ugh ok I’m still gonna win. Time for plan B!”he said triumphantly “Plan B- A!” Before you couldn’t finish you felt two arms grab your shoulders as he swung you over his upside down “Put! Me down! Now! Bastard! Ugh!” You got a bit mad at him for cheating but it was ok you didn’t mind that much

He threw you on the bed “Oh whats that I hear? VICTORY!” you pout He pouts imitating you playfully “stop” you say madly he looks at you realizing he actually made you mad “Hey I didn’t mean o make you mad I’m sowy!” You don’t reply He giggles and quickly picks you up before you can protest

“So cuddly!” He hugs you while you kick your legs and try to wiggle out of it “L-let go!” “Nu” he squeezes you tighter “Your coming with me” he giggles and starts to walk You give into his hug but make grabby hands back at the bed so he turns around

“What do you want?” “Teddy please” he giggles at your response but then realizes your perfectly serious “This one” he bends down to the bed and picks up a teddy off your bed “Mhm” you make grabby hands towards it and yawn He gives it to you and walks back to the couch

There might be more coming IDK

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