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followerofbetty Hi I’m new here. Hope my fics are ok
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Super fluffy and cute kaminari fic let me know if I should do any other MHA 5 more minutes fics please! (I’ll probably do them anyway because I like the idea)

5 more minutes

You woke up slowly You could feel warm air on your chest you quickly figured out it was Kaminari breathing into your chest he was taking big beep breathes the kind you take when your relaxed But you weren’t that relaxed you had a very heavy body sprawled on top of you making it hard to breath (for comparison Kaminari=6’5 You=4’9 I just think the height difference is cuter)

(for comparison Kaminari=6’5 You=4’9 I just think the height difference is cuter)“Kam… wake up..” you stroked his head slowly and poked at his cheeks “Nu….”he mumbled “No? Why not” you tried to push him off but it was no use “Warm…..” he mumbled again while tightening his grip around you

“Well can you at least move off me so I can breathe? Please?” “Ngh” he made some sort of disapproval grunt and rolled over making sure to take you with him so you were now on top of him You tried to squirm away “Nu” he said bluntly tightening his grip

“5 more minis please!” He begged “Fine but only five” it was hard to not give in to his cute pouty face you let him do his cuddly thing he does where he gets into a comfortable position and makes sure your comfy before wrapping his arms around you like super glue so you can’t move away at all

You always thought that was cute but today he didn’t ask if you were comfy or wraps his arms around you securing you in place instead he rolled over facing away from you and snuggling into the pillows on the other side of your bed

You suddenly felt a rush of cold you only ever got that feeling when he wasn’t ok so you started to worry a little bit “Are you ok?” “Yeah” “Are you mad at me” He grunted back at you as if to say no but you no he meant yes

“What did I do?” “Nothing” You knew he was lying “Nothing huh? You sure..?” “Yes! Ok I’m sure you did nothing ok I fucking said nothing it not like I’m a child who can’t understand you so stop! Stop treating me like some sort of baby!”

You were taken aback by his outburst but he wasn’t finished yet “And you know what!…” “Wha-“ “I don’t care about this shit anymore I’m not just a little kid you can go around hugging and cuddling whenever you want I’m more than that I’m not an object I’m a man!”

“And you know what you can take your cute couple tiktoks and shove them up your ass!.. I hate it! I hate this aura you put around me like I’m some little baby you know what my friends say about me no you don’t! They all call me a little baby! How would you feel-

If your friends called you a little baby! And made faces at you ye you wouldn’t like it!” You nearly cried at his anger treats welling up in your eyes he made a sudden jolted movement towards the door pointing at it while he was rambling angrily

You flinched hard and put your head in your hands he stopped rambling and looked at you in this vulnerable state you were crying head in your hands then you mumbled “I’m Sorry I don’t wanna you be angry “ what you said barely made sense but he understood what you said

He flung himself at you in a big hug and started crying to “I’m sorry I didn’t wanna be angry I don’t mean any of it please don’t cry I’m just stressed about exams and shit I’m really sorry please just shh… baby… it’s ok your fine I’m never going to hurt you I promise “

“Ok…” you cried for another few minutes while he comforted you and told you you would be ok he was a little worried about the way you flinched when he moved so he made sure to say that he’d never hurt you over and over and just a few more times to be sure you understood

You layed back on the bed and sighed heavily trying to calm yourself down “Hey…” he said slowly “Yes” “Umm you still owe me my five minis… please?….” “But we’re gonna be late for school” “Fuck school I wanna cuddles”

He jumps back onto you tickling you softly “Hehe stop! Okay okay five minis!” “Yay” 3 hours later you wake up “Shit kam! We fell asleep “ He mumbles “five more minis please “ You stay there for the rest of the day until

Night time when you eat a little food them go back to bed until the next morning THE END thanks for reading!

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