The Hungry Walking
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A zombie apocalypse poem

The Hungry Walking

Sitting atop of a skyscraper

Looking down toward the debris

Of what used to be the human civilisation called New York

Now to be called Old York XD

Sitting atop of a skyscraper

With the smell of rotting cabbage and that moldy lasagna you forgot in your fridge last week

Wishing you brought some febreeze before all this

Sitting atop of a skyscraper

With the feel of wind against your back

You'd feel scared of falling if you didn't lose your marbles already

Sitting atop of a skyscraper

But I have to tell you,

Its way scarier when there's no noise

Nothing except the occasional noise over a dying survivor

Sitting atop of a skyscraper,

tears slowly sliding down the lines of which have been burned into your face,

as you hold a gun to your head

ready to be food for the hungry lost souls at the bottom

The Hungry Walking

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