12am: Part 4
12am: Part 4 part+4 stories

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Part four finally here!

12am: Part 4

"The only problem is..." I started.

"Keyiesha went that direction." Kai finished my sentence for me, pointing to the closet the animatronics locked themselves in.


We all paused as the voice sang again.


"KEYEISHA!!" Gypsy exclaimed, running off in the direction f the noise.

"Wait for us!" Kai and I yelled in unison, struggling to squeeze past each other to escape the Freddy suit.

Kai jumped out and as my feet touched the ground, the one face I loved was in front of me.

"Ethan!" I blushed.

"Um... hi, Lizzy..." he said, looking to the ground and moving his feet.

"I just wanted to say-"

"I just wanted to say-" "C'MON, GUYS!!" Kai yelled.

"Yeah?" I wanted to hear what he wanted to say.

"Um.... I just wanted to say...." he began, avoiding eye contact.

"...that we should catch up with the others...."

He speed-walked past me, every movement stiff and hurried to escape, as if I were a monster, holding him hostage, him trying to escape my killer grasp.

I couldn't see his face, but I knew he was blushing. I also knew that was not what he was going to say.

I shook my head, breaking out of my state, and ran to catch up with the others.


The singing had led us tot his door, an old wooden door that was rotting with every day that passed.

"Do you think she's in there?" Ethan asked us.

I spun my head around to look at him, he blushed and turned away, pretending to look around.

"Outta my way!" Gypsy demanded, pushing through the group to the door.

She swung it open with a mighty thrust, revealing a dark room.

A large boiler sat in the left corner. Rats and cockroaches scattered across the floor.

And in the right corner, sat a white shape.

A ghost, sitting in the corner, curled up in a ball.

It was Keyiesha, Gypsy's albino sister.

Gypsy sprinted over to her sister, but then stopped but a few meters away.

"What is it?" I asked.

I looked at my friend, mumbling to herself.

And all Gypsy replied was:

"That's not her."

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