Life Cycle Of a Human Being
Life Cycle Of a Human Being  life stories

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The ups and down of life.

Life Cycle Of a Human Being

Compare your life to a Ferris wheel, your past ceaselessly revolves you around, One point you're almost touching the peaks of heaven, and the next minute hells pulling you down,

Even when you reach the top, the style of the carriage rocks you back and forth, Foreshadowing a potential downfall, like how Adam fell from Eden to earth,

We can stretch life's lesson to a trapeze but the quality as thin as our deeds, We rely on the trapezes to hold on tight, but when we become a burden he drops us when he feels,

But sometimes life's net is absent for us, and you can almost feel the taste of assault and death, Who is there to save you now? It's just you and your final last breath,

Compare this world to a lifeline,

The trend is to hope for the ups and the downs, but once the line is straight, you're no longer part of earthly grounds,

The lifeline has tasted its peaks, What are you going to do now?

Can't rely on that trapezes... to catch you in case you fall down.

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