A glimpse of Vive #2
A glimpse of Vive #2 heroes stories
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After a long night Vive is feeling drained. They decide to fill up on coffee and their favorite glowing smile.

A glimpse of Vive #2

While struggling with the narrow steps Vive stepped on their foot, then collapsed onto their bedroom floor.

They could feel all the lumps of clothing underneath them and couldn't help smiling into their rug that doubled as the hamper. Doing laundry this early is an excuse to get coffee.

They threw themselves to their feet clumsily while taking off their mask.

Vive took off their suit while flailing like an excited toddler, changed into sweats and a flannel, threw a pile of clothes into a basket, then went down the loft ladder.

They grabbed detergent and dryer sheets, then the basket of miscellaneous clothes and shuffled to the basement.

As the cool air from the leaky window rushed the room, Vive was brought back to reality from their day dream.

Vive quickly checked the time and realized the shop would be opening in about 10 minutes. They moved their clothes to the dryer and set it for 40 minutes while setting a timer on their watch.

They went upstairs to grab their coat and wallet, then they headed outside.

Gradually they make it to the front door of the shop and take a deep breath as they slowly open the door.

A light pink smile made it's way across the room tangled with the smell of burnt coffee beans. "Is it laundry day already?" Jin said holding back a giggle.

Her playful words painted a smile in Vive's eyes.

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