A glimpse of Vive #1
A glimpse of Vive #1 heroes stories

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A 23 year old with a hero complex and career. What could possibly go wrong?

A glimpse of Vive #1

With lungs full of icy air Vive ran in desperation. A sudden sharp pain sliced through their focus, pushing themselves that hard finally hit a limit.

The howling wind suddenly fell silent as they collapsed beneath their favorite street lamp.

They laid on the cold concrete collecting the sounds around them. No one else had been able to keep up. Vive suddenly started sobbing, "that was too close."

Vive stood up, then cautiously went to the ladder that led to the roof of their shop. They sat for a few minutes to finish catching their breath and scan the area one more time.

Once satisfied with the silence vive put their palm to the scanner on the faux chimney. The back of the chimney slid open to reveal the stairs to Vive's loft.

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