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The guards stay on the bus, shooting us threatening glances. I ignore them as well, and
pass through the first trail.

A Piece Of The Puzzle pt.1

I sway as the bus rumbles over into a desolate parking lot. The guard in the seat in front of me hands back a stack of plain white t-shirts.

I grudgingly take one and throw it on over my shirt, throwing the rest behind me. I hear a curse as they drop all of them, and I smirk.

We pass by a trail opening that has a white string tied low across the entry way. That's where we're headed. Then he drives past another opening with another white marker. Two openings. Hmm.

"Now get off my bus!" The bus driver roars. I roll my eyes and stand as the bus slows to a stop. I hop off, and as I do, insults are thrown my way by the middle-schoolers we rode with.

I flip them off, and while the kids grow quiet, the bus driver rages once again. I just saunter off, the three others following close behind.

The guards stay on the bus, shooting us threatening glances. I ignore them as well, and pass through the first trail. The white string falls to the ground as if it wasn't knotted to the trees moments ago.

I frown curiously, but don't stop to investigate the strangeness. The trail leads into a dirt clearing with what seems random objects.

A huge tire sits in the middle, and a long stick juts from the ground with small, sparse platforms around it at random intervals. I finally look behind me and notice who I rode with.

A girl around my age with dark blonde hair stands closest to me. The white shirt we were meant to wear hangs loosely off her thin frame.

Next is a brawny boy with brown locks that cover his dark eyes. In the back, is another boy, with black hair and a shock of blue eyes glaring icily at all of us.

Whatever. He can go sulk in a corner for all I care. "Are you gonna go?" The brown haired boy drawls out.

"They told us to wait for some old guy to come into the clearing first." I answer. We’re all fugitives that've been caught. And somehow, I’ve been caught as well. I scowl, as the thought runs through my head.

I’m the best of the best. This is nothing compared to what I’ve been through.

thanks for reading stay tuned for pt.2

written by: me

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