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fluffybunnisCommunity member
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How college life is different for me. This isn't for attention, just trying to get some feelings out

Inside It lies

by fluffybunnis

My life I feel is empty, and there is nothin I can do. Life seems meaningless no matter what I do.

I've somehow survived high school, against the odds. With my parents telling me I had too, and my mind telling me to let go. It helped the fact I was forced to go to class.

Now in college my life has changed, and on my own I feel as though I wont make it another day. People use to tell me, now I tell myself and doing it myself.

I'm still a child, obviously to see, I was never taught to do anything on my own. I could of tried but why? If life is just handed to me.

But life is amazing, sadly, even through the rain the sun will shine. Life will go on.

With or without me although, I don't know

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