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Not all things are broken.


Woman, you are made of glass they say with a laugh.

Woman, you are fragile they say while locking her shackle.

Woman, you cannot amount to anything greater than I they cry.

They strut away, assured she's broken now willing to obey.

The woman conformed to a cast of darkness.

Or so they thought

I will rise, her inner self whispers

I will soar, her heart beats to her

This world will know what I created for, her mind shouts

Yes, she was made of glass.

Yes, she looked fragile.

No, she was not limited by they're standard.

light beams from the cast of darkness

Shackles can no longer keep her bound

She stands.

They were wrong.

They turn in fearful awe.

What's In front of them?


You see Woman, she was was a prism for light. inside her was a fire. Once ignited brilliant colors radiated from her.

She was designed with purpose. Those who saw her, saw:

She was

joy, for sadness

hope, replacing despair

peace, battling anxiety

love for the broken

They didn't understand, She brought illumination to blinded beings

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