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#1 the beginning
Please choose me, please choose us, please stay with me Owen.

Dream to have you back

"Where are you going?" I asked him confusingly

"I already told you, I will go to Thailand for a job that was given to me" he said while continuing to pack and not looking at me "What!, I thought we're already talk about this that..that you won't go." WTF? I'm still confused.

"And you know that the owner of the restaurant moved me there and also it's my dream to travel there Caelan." he said "And you told me that you didn't accept it because you choose to stay here and continue your current job." I said angrily, I'm already mad and confuse of his action.

He stop packing his clothes and look at me "Aren't you happy about me,Caelan? I accepted it because I need to learn more and not just travel there for fun. Also I want to travel around the world and you know this is already one of my plans. I thought you already understand and now you're here acting like a kid and being selfish."

I'm shocked of what he said (SELFISH) and so now I'm the one who's selfish. He's the one who's acting one right now. I really want to understand the situation but I'm fucking mad right now.

" Selfish?!" I asked him "I am not being selfish Owen I'm just being realistic that you will go there for what? Years or we don't know that you will never come back because you already enjoying it and just forgot about me, about us. I just want you to choose us love, to choose our relationship, to choose me. I want you to stay here and reach our dreams together, please stay" I'm desperate.

"Excuse me?!". He snapped " Are you even hearing yourself right now Caelan?, You want me to stay here and continue this bullshit life? You want me to watch you working your less payment that can't even feed us job of yours? Huh! If you don't have a future then stop comparing me to you, WE ARE DIFFERENT!."

I'm dumbfounded of what he said. I can't speak. I'm just here looking at him shocked because the Owen I know won't say this word to me. He continued to pack and walk past through me. I..I need to speak before he can reach the door.

"Wait" I said and he stop but he didn't look at me " You already told me that I'm selfish then I will be selfish right now" I know this will be so dumb but I just want him to stop " If you step out in this apartment" I paused and breath.

" Our relationship will be over and we will forget about each other and will go back to the days that we're strangers." I'm sorry for making this hard for you but please stay with me love, please choose me love . Please choose us.

" I'm sorry Caelan" he said and continue to leave.. to leave me forever.

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