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#2 Lost


Dream to have you back

(Alarm clock ringing) I woke up not because of the alarm but the memories that came back.

"Memories, painful memories" I said while looking at my palm that has water came from my eyes.

It was tears, I want to stop crying but it keeps falling down, I can't control it. Just like my heart that keeps tearing apart even 3 years has passed. I'm still in pain, broken, and lost.

" Please, stop Caelan, stop acting like this." Even it's hard, I stood up and prepare because I still have a work to do.

- Workplace - "Good morning sir" "Morning" I know it will sound rude but my employee knows that I'll always have that cold vibes on me. Because the day that he leaves me my smile faded.

That even I already reach my goal to become a photographer and manage a company but there's still a part of me that is missing.

"Sir Caelan the model is ready" "Okay I'll be there" it's already evening that we finished our work " It's already 7 pm, let's pack up and go home" I said to my team " Good job guys, see you tomorrow" I added " Thank you sir and see you tomorrow" I nod to my team before I ride my bike.

But before I go home I stopped in front of a cake shop. "Good evening sir" "Good evening, can I have a 2 slices of chocolate cake. Takeout" " Okay sir, you can wait at table while I wrap your order."

I go to my table and waited for the lady to finished. " Here you go sir, thank you and enjoy your cake." She said smiling. " Thank you"

I'm almost at the door that someone called me " Caelan " I froze and my world just stopped. That voice.....

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