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Dream to have you back


I pushed him gently, so that I can look at him. I feel my heart tighten seeing him cry like this. I slowly put my hand in his face.

"I missed you too,so much." His eyes widened and smiled upon hearing the words I said. "But" I stopped.

"I still can't imagine myself be with you again. I'm not yet ready for another heartache." His smile faded when he heard what I said.

I continued. "Because until now I'm still in the process of healing, I still can't find the missing piece of my shattered heart. I'm still in pain, broken and lost."

"But please don't blame yourself because you are the best person that I met and loved" I look at him.

"Thats why I don't want you to sorrow. I don't want to be the cause if your unhappiness." I stop.

I breathe because its so hard for me to say this, it's hard for me to let go.. " Because If we're together I will gonna give you problem and cause some trouble and I don't want you to suffer because of me."

"And I don't want the two of us to get hurt in the end. I'm sorry." I let go of him and walked away from him.

I don't want him to follow me. I don't want him to see me like this,I don't want us to get hurt again. That's why I leave and choose to let go of everything.

-Owens POV- I didn't follow him after he leaves because it breaks my heart seeing him like that. It's all my fault. I shouldn't leave him. I want to hug and comfort him.

I want him to feel that whatever may happen I will gonna stay with him. I want to love him if he can't love himself.

I want to make him smile if he feel sad and I want to help him find that missing piece of his heart if it is hard for him to find it.

I want to be his other half.

"Brother you're just here" I looked at my sister and I can't hold my tears anymore and I cried in front of her. "Princess"I hugged her. "What happened, why are you crying?"

"It's my fault, it's all my fault, I hurt him." I let go of the hugged. I feel like a child crying because he lost his other pair of shoes.

"Shhhh... Just cry brother, don't worry I'll stay until you feel better." My tears fall again after I heard her words. After I calm down I looked at my sister.

I feel so bad, today is her prenup shoot and I ruined the mood. "I'm sorry princess. Today should be a great day and I ruined it."

"Don't be bro, I'm glad right now that you let out the heavy emotions in your heart and that's important to me. Did the two of you talk?" I'm so happy she's my sister. She always understand me.

"Yeah, I didn't know that he suffered that much. When I saw him again after 3 years I was so happy and i want to run towards him and hugged him tightly."

I stopped talking when I remembered the day that I saw him at the shop he was so cold and I didn't see any emotion in his eyes.

"But I changed him" I continued "Huh? Why?" my sister asked confusingly

"Because the Caelan I know was a cheerful man, who always smile and friendly to everyone. The Caelan I know will gonna hug me everytime I came back from work." I smiled.

"The Caelan I know will kiss me and say I love you when he knows I feel down or have a problem so that he can make me smile."

"And when I saw him that day, the day when I came back I was shocked because he was cold when he talked to me and didn't see any emotion in his eyes."

"And thought he's like that because of me but the thing that I didn't know that behind that cold-hearted face there's a broken, wretched and anguish person." And it's all my fault.

"I hate seeing him like that" my tears fall down again when I remember him cried in front of me.

"It's so painful to see him like that and it's all my fault. I hate it." My sister hit me in the head. Aw

"Hey stop it, today is not the day for you to blame yourself Mr. You know today is the day for you to not waste your time on just sitting in the corner blaming yourself."

"Because today you should think of what you will do to recover all of the time that you lost and start planning to make him feel that he is not alone and you're here, that you're back, that you will never gonna leave him again."

My tears stopped not because of the punch but because of the words she said. I hugged her.

"Thank you princess, I love you " before I run to my car and drive to follow him. "Wait for me love, I'm coming."

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