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flowerbot baby blue
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we both gotta go and come back alive

Aurora borealis dance on the walls the dope is what makes him alright It's a sad story, yet we still write Still a real chance that we survive?

Wine stained bed under fairy lights and tiny bags full of something white can you look into my eyes, cryin you can see no one's satisfied

Life is but a dream, what I play on repeat we both say we'll change, but that's been backseat I love you too much to keep you here inside We both gotta go and come back alive

I lay awake and pray for our sake But distant lands draw me to sleep and celluloid scenes that you're mine to keep (clean) lets try to give em a good story

I always felt that other women, but she wasn't animate Distrust I deal in when I'm truly in love Goddam i feel so fuckin naive for it all but love is blind day and night

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