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the light of the sun comes in shades of every color

the light of the sun

shone down on us

like a beacon of hope

in the everlasting darkness.

it’s joyful rays on our faces

were as uplifting as a

cup of hot cocoa on a cold day.

we were greedy sunflowers,

our faces reaching for the sun

in search of more warmth.

we were lazy cats,

stretched out on

the front porch and

basking in the light.

the sun made every

bad thing go away.

it seemed to us, then,

that it would be

like that forever.

the tendrils of sunlight

caressed our features

with a comforting touch.

the sun’s own face smiled down

on us with such happiness

as we soaked in more of its shine.

the entire world was aglow

with gentle yellow light,

and the birds sung

their soft pleasure

for anyone who’d care

to listen to their sighs.

clouds were nowhere in sight,

and the ginormous golden star

was left to share with us,

it’s full glory.


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