high school pep rallies
high school pep rallies school stories
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what a way to be alive

high school pep rallies

high school pep rallies

are like an entry into

what America is all about.

booming music from the band,

that echoes through your bones;

silly competitions between grades,

who can scream the loudest?

bleachers filled to the brim,

so packed that students get

injured while wading through;

football players filling their own spot,

getting their own privileges;

people like me that sit slumped,

their earbuds leaking music

for others to hear.

my friends and i sit in

the places we aren’t supposed to,

and join in with our school spirit.

(none of us care for this hell

we call public high school)

but it’s fun to pretend.

pretend that these are the

“best years of our lives”

when really this is where

we regret the most.

it’s easier to pretend

that we care at all

about our future

when we’re decked out in

camouflage and cheerleading outfits

and screaming our heads off.

high school pep rallies

are where we can pretend

for just a little a while

that we actually want to be alive.


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