What I really need
What I really need value stories

florels 17 and kinda desperate
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Late night thoughts

What I really need

by Florels

I don't need you to spend money for me. You're broke, I understand, I mean man, we're 17. We're all kinda broke. So keep your money for bigger things.

Come over for a cup of coffee. Let's go to a park and lay on the grass all day. Let's go swimming. Let's go for a walk in the forest.

Hey, can we just do nothing all day? Can we just sit here in silence? That doesn't cost anything, right?

I don't need you to spend money for me. I need your time. I need you to become a part of my day, part of my life and part of my memories.

Memories don't cost anything, do they?

Well they do. For me. They have the biggest value.

Spend your memories with me.

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