The magic sandwich
The magic sandwich  sandwich stories

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A magic sandwich is all you need read on to find more about this sandwich

The magic sandwich

Coral was walking around the market, trying to find a snack to eat. She wanted a sandwich,so she went to the sandwich section,one of the sandwiches caught her eye,she has never seen a sandwich like that before. She wanted to buy it,so she did. Coral walked home,excited to try the new sandwich.

Coral isn't the nicest person on earth,she is one if those people,who bully others at school,and are just never nice. When Coral got home, she took the sandwich out of the bag,put it on a plate,and went upstairs to her room. Once she got to her room,she turned the tv on and sat down on her bed. She started eating the sandwich,and she was enjoying it,it was really good.

Once she finished the sandwich, the strangest thing happened. She wasn't in her room,anymore. She was in someone else's room, suddenly she heard footsteps,Coral hid behind the curtains,so no-one can see her. A pretty girl with brown eyes and brown hair entered the room. It was Alice,the girl Coral bullied.

Coral was surprised she was at Alice's house. She didn't care anymore,she was so mad that she was at Alice's house she went up to Alice and shouted,"Hey,what am I doing here,did you put a spell on me and bring me here?!" To Corals surprise Alice didn't cry for once,and just ignored her. "Mom, I'm going to Lucy's house!" Alice shouted,so her mom can hear her from downstairs.

"Okay sweetie,stay safe!" Alice's mom shouted back,so Alice can hear her. Alice went downstairs,Coral followed her. Alice went out of the door and went to Lucy's house. Coral was following her,mad that she got ignored by Alice. What Coral didn't know was that Alice couldn't hear her or see her,actually no-one could. Before Coral could enter the door closed,and Coral tried opening the door but it was locked.

Coral was so mad she wanted to go home and teach Alice a lesson at school. To Corals surprise her house was gone,she couldn't go back home,so she has to go back to Alice's house. When she walked back to Alice's house the door was locked too,she has to wait till Alice gets back. So Coral sat down by the door,and waited for Alice.

After 2 hours, Alice finally comes back and opens the door,this time Coral quickly entered before Alice could close the door. Alice went up to her room,and Coral followed her. Coral decided to hide from Alice,so she could surprise her at school,a mean one too. The next morning Alice got ready for school and so did Coral,she didn't have any of her own clothes so she just wore the dress she had on.

When Coral got to school,she was surprised that there was someone else just like her,bullying Alice,and that's the moment she realised that it was her. She just watched Alice getting bullied,and this time she realised that she felt bad for Alice,she didn't do anything bad to Coral,so there was no reason to bully her. Suddenly the most strangest thing happened again.

Coral was being nice to Alice. "Hey Alice you look really nice and I'm sorry for bullying you all these years,please forgive me,here I'll take these books for you,they must be heavy," Coral smiled at Alice. Alice was surprised ,but smiled back and thanked Coral. Coral realised that the Coral that looked like her,who was bullying Alice, was gone.

Coral liked this feeling of being nice and so she decided not to bully anyone anymore and from now on she will be nice to everyone. No one deserves to be bullied, don't bully anyone,always be nice,bully can hurt people,either physically or mentally. Show love and kindness to everyone.

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