The Fairy
The Fairy  dreams and nightmares stories

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The Fairy

"Good night mom!" Exclaimed Bella. "Good night sweetie,sweet dreams,"said Bellas mom. Bella drifted of to sleep,she was smiling to herself,it looked like as if she was having a wonderful dream.Suddenly Bella was in this green,grassy,field. There was something special about this place it didn't look like a normal field. "Hi Bella!" Exclaimed a beautiful looking fairy.

"H-hi,who are you and how do you know me ?"asked Bella."I'm Alyssa,the fairy of magic fields,and I know you because you have been living here your whole life,did you forget?"asked Alyssa. "No I don't live here I live with my mom and dad at home,not here."Replied Bella. "Yes you do you must have forgotten it. Well anyways I wanted to tell you come inside we are having breakfast."

"Oh ok,what are we having for breakfast?"asked Bella. "Bagels and bacon."Replied Alyssa. "That sounds delicious."exclaimed Bella. "It is now come on,we don't wanna be late or the food will get cold." Alyssa said. "Ok coming," Bella said smiling.They went inside this huge,light blue castle,and there were so many fairies inside,Bella loved fairies,she always wanted to meet a real fairy. She was so happy to finally meet a fairy.

Bella and Alyssa went inside the dining room,there was breakfast on the table,there was the fairy queen waiting for them. "Good morning Bella,Alyssa." Said the queen fairy. "Good morning," Alyssa and Bella both said while smiling. They all ate their breakfast and then Bella asked if she could go and explore this place,the fairy queen said yes she could.

But Alyssa was confused as in why did Bella want to go explore this place she has been living here her whole life. You might a bit confused,let me explain what happend.The Fairy queen knows that Bella is new,since she brought her here,but Alyssa doesn't know because she has some memory problems. Alyssa had a sister who looked like Bella.

Sadly her sister died and when she saw Bella,she had flashbacks of her sister. So Alyssa thinks that Bella is her sister. Bella goes outside,to explore the place,once Bella left to go outside, Alyssa asked the fairy queen,about why Bella is acting so weird. The Fairy queen told her that Bella is new,she didn't live here her whole life she just came today.

"But she lived here her whole life,what are you talking about?" Asked Alyssa. "Alyssa she didn't live here her whole life,what makes you think that?"asked the queen fairy. "I have seen her here my whole life,and I also have proof," replied Alyssa. "Ok what is your proof?" "I'll be right back." Alyssa left to go to her room,she took out a picture of her and her sister.

Alyssa went back downstairs. "Here,see she was here her whole life,we were together,see now do you believe me?" Alyssa asked and showed the picture. The queen fairy understood why Alyssa thought that Bella has been her whole life. "Alyssa,sweetie that's your sister in the picture,and well Bella looks like your sister,that's why you think Bella has been here whole life.

But Bella just came today,and she hasn't been here her whole life," Said the queen fairy. "Ohh,I thought she was Bella,(Bella is short for Bellany)my sister,"Alyssa said. "That makes more sense,now as to why you think I have been here my whole life," Bella said coming inside the room. Bella heard the whole conversation,she wanted to know why Alyssa thought she was here her whole life.

When she was about to go outside,she heard Alyssa asking why Bella was acting weird. So she decided to stay and hear the whole conversation. "Bella,I'm so sorry that I misunderstood you,I thought you were my sister,I thought she came back," said Alyssa with tears in her eyes. Alyssa started crying. Bella went and hugged Alyssa to Comfort her. "It's ok you didn't know it's not your fault,but what did you mean came back?" Asked Bella.

Well my sister passed away,and I really miss her, when I saw you I thought you were her.Her name was Bellany,and her nickname was Bella. I used to call her Bella,we were like best friends."explained Alyssa. "Ohh I'm so sorry,i didn't know. Also if you like we can be best friends,"said Bella. "Really?" Asked Alyssa. "Yes,of course," replied Bella. So for the rest of the day,Bella and Alyssa spent lots of time together. They had fun together.

But then it was time to sleep,so they went to bed. Suddenly Bella hears a familiar voice. Bella it's time to wake up. Bella opens her eyes and sees that she's back in her room. She was sad that it was only a dream,but she knows that she will see Alyssa everyday at night in her sweet dreams,and you never know they might come true one day.

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