I Hate Music !

                   I Hate Music !
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A baby girl was born to a famous classic musician family named Gwen. She grew up well, but unexpectedly.. Gwen hates music.

I Hate Music !

" Wake up lazy princess ! or dad will eat your breakfast ". shouted Mom. Today was Gwen transfers school day and she didn't wake up yet.

" Ugh...yes ! i'll take a shower first ! ". Gwen shouted back. After shower, she run down the stairs to make sure her dad didn't ate her part. Her parents are done eating and dad ready to get her to school and attend an interview, but..

" Can't you eat faster ? ". asked Dad. " Why ? if you had an interview then go..i'm fine with Jill ". said Gwen. " Okay take care of your sister Jill, bye ! see you ". said Dad before he closed the door. " Bye ! see you too dad ". said all the family.

" Why you should go with me? ". asked Jill, Gwen's older brother. " I have no choice ! dad seems in hurry, what can i do ? ". said Gwen. "Kids, finish your breakfast and be quiet while eating, don't be late". Mom warned.

They eat quicker, pack their bags and put on their shoes. Beep! beep! the school bus has arrived, they get up there and sit quietly.

Gwen got off the bus and walked away. But then Jill called out to her, "You're a transfer student right? don't be naughty at your new school!". shouted Jill. "Haha stop it!" Gwen shouted back. Then the bus left.

She's try to find out her class, and it's useless. But somehow there's a boy who are glad to help her, and finally she find it.

When she came in to class, the teacher said.. " Oh ! you're the transfer student, glad to see you here, guys this is Gwen Auburn ". " Umm, hello i'm Gwen ". she said.

" Okay then, let's make this faster so- ". said Mr. Adam continued his geography teaching. Gwen sitting on an only empty chair and listening quietly, with friends she doesn't know.

But after hours, she fell asleep and missed the half class. 15.20 PM She woke up and realized the class is empty, and she's leaving while yawning.

When she come home, she continued her sleep to sofa. And mom comes, "How is your new school ? " asked mom. " Good. " " Had u make friends ? ". " No. "

" Is there something wrong ? ". asked Mom. " No, i just feel dizzy ". said Gwen. " Try listen to a song Gwen ! you'll feel the magic ". said Mom.

" No thanks mom, i hate music ". Gwen refused while going upstairs to her room. " Oh c'mon your dad is classic musician, then why his daughter hate music ? ". asked mom. "Because they are noisy! annoying! I don't like it when they get into my ears". Gwen shouted.

Gwen put her bag on table and lay on the bed, thinking about what Mom had just said. 'Is listening to music make me relax ?'. she thought. Then she fell asleep.

After 2 hours, she woke up and went down to kitchen. She took a cup of milk in fridge and brought it to living room. While drinking peaceful, there was a loud music sounds coming from Jill's room.

Gwen was shocked and spilled her milk, after cleaning her skirt she rushed to Jill's room in anger. " TURN DOWN THE VOLUME DUMBASS!! ".yelled Gwen. " I'm sorry miss lazy, but could you not YELLING AT ME ?! ". yelled Jill back.

" Stop yelling or you two will sleep in terrace tonight ". said Mom. " Jill turn down your volume, Gwen, go outside and relax your mood..you're sensitive lately ".

In the end, Gwen took her hat and walked out over to the lake. " Haaah..should i listen to a song now ? ". asked herself. " Alright, just once ". She put on her earbuds and play ballad playlist, listening quietly while enjoy the breeze service and.. couldn't stop.

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