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by fleetingfables

She was born from words.

From a love of words attraction grew, and in her making, the magic of words was bred into her soul. The words came together and filled her with potential, setting the story of her life in motion.

She was raised on words, with tales spun and woven day and night, as her imagination grew and flourished.

The words gave her strength and she drew upon them as she built herself. She learned the power words can hold, cultivating her skills at each opportunity.

Now, she uses the words to craft worlds, using the word-magic to create existence from nothingness. Stronger and more capable with each passing day, overcoming boundaries and expectations.

The future is hers, to write as she she chooses, with all she has been given and all she has learned. She has the means to harness inspiration and imagination, and create dreams.

She writes, with the words of her life.

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