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by fleetingfables

It was dark.

The quiet was broken only by their breathing, less erratic now. Slow and steady.

Her head rested on his shoulder, with arm and leg draped across his body. She relaxed against him as he cradled her body. His fingers idly traced over her skin, back and forth.

They luxuriate together, blissful in the calm magic that night can bring.

But the bliss wears off and the magic fades away.

They still lay together, but it isn’t quite the same.

He begins to fidget, looking to extricate himself from their embrace and roll away.

Her mind starts to wander, and she finds herself replaying that evening’s events with someone else cast in his role. Someone else to hold her tight.

She thinks of other possibilities.

He thinks of ways to politely take his leave.

They still lay together.

In the dark.

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