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by fleetingfables

Battle raged on at Boris’ heels, following with every step forward.

His bodyguard was with him, methodically taking down each enemy as it sprang forth. Whether Boris was awake or asleep, feeling strong or beaten down, his protector tirelessly fought.

Each foe, each criticism and worry, was defeated, even as another rose to take it’s place.

People he passed on the street were unaware of the battle. Boris was the only witness to the carnage.

On good days, he walked with his head held high, and the fight at his heels made barely a rumble.

But on the bad days, when he struggled to stand, and couldn’t bear to speak, his guardian took charge, and kept every negative thought from beating Boris down.

The stress of navigating the world was often overwhelming. Judgement and loathing and inadequacy would emerge, wanting to take over everything that was good in his life.

No matter how strong the emotions might be, his champion never failed to succeed.

Boris keeps walking, through everything that tried to beat him down, because his bodyguard, his advocate, will always be there to protect him.

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