Is It Love?

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flawlesssoul Love what you do
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How do you feel about LOVE?

Is It Love?

What is it? I can’t understand When I take her hand in my hand

His feelings to me he poured out This is, what was his doubt:

If I care for her inspite of what others say And when I am always there for her without any delay If I say I’ll go but I’m still there And when she is around I have no fear If I am lost in her silence And waiting for her to utter a sentence

If she is in my thoughts always And even if I met her just a few days If I know her heart so well And even for her silliness I fell If my mind denies but my eyes are stuck And for having her I am grateful to my luck

It’s love, my friend! what you say So true, so fine, just preserve it I pray

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